EUTOPIA Learning Communities

Who makes our Learning Communities possible ?

Jo Angouri ( – Curriculum developer. Jo Angouri supports the development and cohesion of the EUTOPIA Learning Communities. She facilitates contact between leads and partners and supports them in developing shared resources and joint cross-campus activities.

Rosette S’Jegers ( – Working Group 2 Coordinator. Rosette S’Jegers supports the development of the EUTOPIA education model by coordinating amongst the different sub-activities. She ensures intra- and interinstitutional communication and lobbies for supportive (policy) conditions.

Tomy Quenet ( – Platform Enabler. Tomy Quenet facilitates virtual connection and collaboration amongst students and staff involved in the EUTOPIA Learning Communities. He prepares and maintains their virtual workspace, trains them on how to make use of it and serves as contact person for diverse user groups.

Karen Triquet ( – Education Project Officer. Karen Triquet works closely with the WP2 coordinator, curriculum developer and platform enabler towards the development of cross-EUTOPIA connections and activities within and across the Learning communities. She reports on the outcomes and outputs of the EUTOPIA Learning Communities and facilitates contact between leads, partners and students.