This Learning Unit is based on a course that serves as an introduction to the creation and production of television programmes and audio-visual new formats in general. Fundamentals of Television Direction focuses on the concept of the global television sphere as an agent in shaping the values of democracy, diversity, social responsibility, citizen participation, collective knowledge and creativity applied to media, arts and culture. All these values introduce the concept of “quality television”, which is approached in a theoretical and practical way. In order to offer valuable insights and firm criteria for understanding this subject, the course deals with the notion of television and audio visual “formats” from a technical, narrative and aesthetic point of view, but also from a conceptual content-driven approach, including a variety of perspectives as communication and media studies, discourse analysis, media literacy, postcolonial theories, cross-cultural studies, social and political sciences. The course aims to analyse and understand the dimension of television, but also to learn how producing television and new audio visual formats serve as a tool to build a more functional society.

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Manel Jiménez-Morales is currently the vice-rector of Educational transformation, Culture and Communication at Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona (UPF). He holds a degree in Audio-visual Communication from UPF and in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of Barcelona, and has a PhD in Social Communication from Pompeu Fabra University.
Dr. Jiménez-Morales has combined his work as an academic with several projects in the audio-visual industry. He has been on several international research stages (University of Oxford, UCLA, BFI) and has taught at various international universities. Apart from leading some research projects, Manel Jiménez-Morales started to develop the strategy for MOOCs and new educational formats at UPF, entrusted with the incorporation of new technologies in teaching, and was the director of the Centre for Learning Innovation and Knowledge at UPF.

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