The course the LU is based is situated on the premise that the construction sector has a crucial impact on energy consumption and carbon emissions. Despite this, there is not enough sign of any effort being made to reduce the use of regular concrete or to change classic building methods. Concrete is blamed for a variety of environmental problems. As of yet in the foreseeable future there is no viable alternative to concrete to meet our society’s needs and mitigate the ongoing climate changes. The construction industry needs to benefit from an increased level of technology in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Additive manufacturing is an architectural, economic and environmental revolution for the construction industry. Today, 3D printers allow the automated creation of concrete structures with complex shapes. This learning unit brings a disruptive approach, exploring material theology, design and design management and student projects investigating the way buildings are designed and built.

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Alexandre PIERRE joined the Department of Civil Engineering and the laboratory of mechanics and civil engineering at CY Cergy Paris University as an Associate Professor in September 2014.
Alexandre PIERRE’s research interests are in the area of construction materials, in particular rheology and processing using additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing.
Recent efforts include investigating selective binding techniques and the integration of bio-based materials.

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