The EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT)

The EUTOPIA Student Think Tank is a student-led and student-centred initiative of the alliance, created by students, for students.

The EUSTT is dedicated to building a platform to share knowledge and incubate new ideas to contribute to the progress of society. Run by a highly diversified group of student researchers, it allows students to publish their works and recommendations. It also offers skill-training to engage the student community in policy-shaping and policy-making processes to create positive impacts in society. The importance of such an initiative stems from the central role of education in one’s life by making knowledge available to everyone.

The society we live in is more and more polluted by fake news and misinformation. Research is often misunderstood and seen as something old-fashioned. Considering that context, I think it’s essential for students to speak their minds. They have to seize the opportunity to contribute to research, to improve our world, and to make it intelligible to civil society. The EUSTT is the best place to give them a space to do so.” Marie Marchand, President of the EUTOPIA Student Council between 2019-2021.

Back in late 2021, the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank announced the creation of a platform to empower students to share knowledge and ideas. This platform took the form of a dedicated website. When it comes to research, it has a central part in the educational experience of students at universities. While conducting research, students can find answers to pending questions, fill gaps in knowledge and gain valuable insight into their particular field. Their developed expertise can play a leading role in improving civil society.