on July 12, 2023
Published on June 5, 2023 Updated on June 5, 2023

EUTOPIA Multilingualism & Diversity Student Conference

Multilingualism & Diversity
Multilingualism & Diversity
As part of the Learning Community Multilingualism and Diversity, a team of students from UPF and UW have been working on organising the second EUTOPIA Multilingualism & Diversity Student Conference

The conference explores the themes of Multilingualism, Culture, and Communication, and is set to take place online on 12 July 2023. With most of the activity taking place online since January students also benefitted from some face-to-face workshops in Brussels. Students met at VUB (18-19 May) to select the papers that will be featured at the conference and to work on the programme. 

The conference features papers by students across our EUTOPIA alliance and a keynote by Dr Sheena Kalayil (University of Manchester). The final programme will be out shortly!