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This portal provides EUTOPIA communities and working groups with digital workspaces for collaboration between academics, students, university staff and extra-academic stakeholders !

To access your spaces, you need an account (scroll down on this page to see how) and to LOG IN 
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Access your spaces

To access the list of your spaces (this present page), go to the top-right corner and click on "DIRECT ACCESS" → "Collaborative spaces".

"My spaces list is empty"

  • Request the creation of a new space for your community or working group (see next tab) 
  • Ask (or wait for) the manager of an existing space to add you to his/her space 
Request a new space 

First create an account (see 1st tab), then send your request to, with the following information :

  • First name / last name
  • Email address (the one you used to create your account)
  • Purpose of the space
  • Name of the space you want to create*
  • Private or open* (everyone can see and ask to join)
  • [Optional] Space description* (visible to the future members)
* can be changed later

Once your space is ready, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access it and get started.
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