Our Mission

EUTOPIA is a challenge-led, student-centred, inclusive alliance of like-minded universities. Our mission is to connect communities across our campuses in order to transform our universities into open, inclusive, diverse, and innovative enablers for outreach impact on societies. Our approach fosters emergence and innovation, and our shared commitments provide the coherence of our common efforts to ensure that EUTOPIA is:
  • Geared towards the challenges of the future
Our alliance is challenge-driven to prepare students and staff as European citizens and lifelong learners, who care and act for the future of the planet and humanity.
  • Student-centred and student-empowering
Our alliance provides transformative and open learning opportunities, and extended horizons of expectation and ability, both across Europe and throughout the world.
  • Committed to the principles of openness and inclusion

Our alliance fosters and supports knowledge co-creation, by building open resources and collaborative platforms, endorsing open science agendas, and sponsoring the access, mobility, and inclusivity mechanisms that liberate our intellectual and social potential. See our page on Inclusion.

  • At the service of society
Our alliance builds on its place-making strengths, connecting cultures and contexts in order to enhance European capability and creativity, and support the international pre-eminence of European innovation and influence.