This community’s work aims to have students creating from scratch a concept store encapsulating a customer approach relying on trailblazing displays and services mixed with a limited carbon footprint offer. Steps towards creating an innovative concept store include market discovery and SWOT analysis, store creation, communication pack creation and final project presentations.

Learning Community Activities

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  • Cross-campus student-research around the creation of an innovative concept store – More info coming soon
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Contact the community lead Céline Provost ( or the local facilitator Tomy Quenet (


Learning Community Members

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Lead: Céline Provost (CY). Email:

My name is Céline Provost. I’m the head of the Marketing Technics Department of CY Cergy Paris Université, located at Sarcelles and I teach English and Communication. My versatility allows me to create innovative and challenging contents for my students mixing a wide array of topics and skills. Indeed, I graduated from a Business School prior to becoming an English teacher and this offered me a priceless open-mindedness and a thirst for creativity. I’m always on the lookout for new trends or innovative products, services and apps. I love to challenge my students into developping their skills be they soft or hard by digging into a new field and creating from scratch. For instance, my sophomores have to create an influencer agency and thus discover this expanding market.

Partner: Gelu Trisca (UBB). Email:

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