This community’s work aims to have students creating from scratch a concept store encapsulating a customer approach relying on trailblazing displays and services mixed with a limited carbon footprint offer. Steps towards creating an innovative concept store include market discovery and SWOT analysis, store creation, communication pack creation and final project presentations.

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  • Cross-campus student-research around the creation of an innovative concept store – More info coming soon
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Contact the EUTOPIA curriculum team: Jo Angouri ( and Karen Triquet (


Learning Community Members

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Lead: Céline Provost (CY). Email:

My name is Céline Provost. I’m the head of the Marketing Technics Department of CY Cergy Paris Université, located at Sarcelles and I teach English and Communication. My versatility allows me to create innovative and challenging contents for my students mixing a wide array of topics and skills. Indeed, I graduated from a Business School prior to becoming an English teacher and this offered me a priceless open-mindedness and a thirst for creativity. I’m always on the lookout for new trends or innovative products, services and apps. I love to challenge my students into developping their skills be they soft or hard by digging into a new field and creating from scratch. For instance, my sophomores have to create an influencer agency and thus discover this expanding market.

Partner: Malaika Bregman (VUB). Email:

Prof. dr. Malaika Brengman (PhD in Applied Economics, University of Ghent), is head of the Business department of the faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), where she leads the research cluster ‘Marketing and Consumer Behavior’. She teaches courses in (Digital) Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Market Research in the Bachelor and Master programmes, applying the concept of Community Engaged Research and Learning. Her scientific research generally focuses on shopper motivations and behavior and retail marketing, focussing in particular on sensory and neuromarketing and on the application of new media and technologies (e.g. social media, digital signage, AR/VR, AI, robotics). Embracing interdisciplinary research, she joined BruBotics  (Brussels Human Robotics Research Center) and collaborates with the AI-Lab. Maintaining good relations with the retail industry (Retail Detail, Gondola – The Retail Academy, Comeos, InRetail), she has been involved as an expert in several Shopping Tomorrow expert groups on the future of retail and as an active member of the Retail Innovation Platform (The Netherlands). She has presented her research findings globally at numerous conferences and has published her work in several well-respected international scientific journals, obtaining a respectable number of more than 2500 citations in Google Scholar (Cf.