Open to the world


At its heart, EUTOPIA is a European project, but our reach and ambition spread beyond Europe. The Open to the World strand of work develops the international, and not just the European dimension of EUTOPIA through two parallel fields of activity.

EUTOPIA develop its local internationalism by focusing on

  1. the fundamental nurturing and collaborative development of a curriculum and an educational commitment determined to create a truly international graduate capability and aspiration in each university;
  2. the development of an ever more closely connected and self-reinforcing international community of faculty within and across universities.

This local internationalism complements global internationalism. This enacts the process of:

  1. learning from and contributing to the existing non-European partnerships and operations of each EUTOPIA member;
  2. developing this dynamic ring of coordinated global activity and enquiry in order to increase EUTOPIA’s capability and reach.