The course the Learning Unit is based on introduces the analysis of inequalities in income, wealth, access to education, gender, and ethnicity. Three sets of core questions will be tackled:

  1. How does inequality evolve over the path of development?
  2. What are the theories that can explain the level of inequalities and its dynamics?
  3. How do policies affect inequalities?

This course will also show how data can be used to understand and address these important social and economic problems, by introducing basic methods in data science, including regression, causal inference. Students will be assigned empirical projects that will give students hands-on experience in working with data from the World Inequality Database, the OECD, the IPUMS International and the Opportunity Insights.

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Learning Community Members

Lead: Stefania Marcassa (CY). Email:

Stefania Marcassa (female) is an associate professor of Economics at CY Cergy Paris Université. She is also member of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group. Prior to her appointment at CY, she had a PostDoc position and taught at the Paris School of Economics (2009-2011), University of Minnesota (2004-2009), and was a Research Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (2006-2009). She earned her Ph.D in Economics at the University of Minnesota in 2009.
She is an applied economist, specializing in the analysis of gender-relevant research, empirical household economics, and economic history. She has published her work in international economics journals, such as the Explorations in Economic History, BE Journal of Macroeconomics, Labour, IZA Journal of Labor Policy. Her work has been reported on Libération, and Toronto Star. She is involved in several research grants: the National French Research Agency (ANR) in 2017-2022 (Family and Inequality) and 2018-2022 (Technology and Job Polarization).
She is the Gender Equality Officier of CY Cergy Paris Université, the scientific coordinator of the H2020 LeTSGEPs project, and a researcher in the E-WinS project. She is also the representative of CY in the International Consortium for Gender Equality on Campus (AUF). Since 2020, she co-organises a Webinar in Gender and Family Economics.
Link to her personal webpage:

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