from March 4, 2024 to March 31, 2024
Published on March 13, 2024 Updated on May 2, 2024


Following the EUTOPIA Week organised in Lisbon in June 2023, Human Resources representatives from the 10 universities of the Alliance met again on 29 February and 1 March 2024 as part of the EUTOPIA HR Days being held at CY Cergy Paris University. During these two days, the various delegations worked and exchanged ideas on the greeting and mobility of lecturers and administrative staff. The following topics were addressed:
  • Future of EUTOPIA HR collaboration including workforce planning, gender equality, HR data / metrics, training
  • Well-being: recruitment and mobility, career assessment modernisation, training and development
  • Staff Mobility: on this occasion the following new text has been agreed: “We will deepen our work on building a complete academic environment for our EUTOPIAn community by developing a framework and implementation plan to facilitate the mobility of staff in accordance with the EUTOPIA HR Strategy and leadership model. In line with our HR Strategy, we will launch a pilot mobility programme to test whether we can deliver a staff mobility scheme where job shadowing and increased staff connectedness can leverage mutual trust and deepen collaboration across a range of services. The programme will be developed in cooperation with WP5.3 Mobility.”
  • Researcher Mobility Portal
  • EUTOPIA HR Achievements
The ultimate goal of these regular meetings is to build a harmonised legal, economic and administrative framework for the European University of the future.