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EUTOPIA has a vibrant community of researchers and young academics. We take pride in fostering a dynamic and innovative academic environment that empowers the next generation of scholars. This page serves as a gateway to a myriad of initiatives designed specifically for researchers and young academics, providing a platform for collaboration, growth, and exploration. Whether you are embarking on the early stages of your academic journey or seeking advanced opportunities for research, we invite you to discover the diverse range of programs, resources, and support systems tailored to enhance your academic experience. Explore the possibilities, engage with like-minded peers, and let EUTOPIA be the catalyst for your academic aspirations. Together, let's shape the future of knowledge and make impactful contributions to the world of research and academia.

On this page, you can find opportunities open to researchers and early-stage researchers enrolled at any of the member universities of our alliance and in some cases also to global partners of the alliance. A selected number of opportunities are also open to academics and researchers outside the member and global partner universities.

Join our Connected Communities 
Connected Communities 

Our Connected Communities are integrated thematic networks where teachers, researchers, and students cooperate in cross-campus knowledge activities. Within the Connected Communities, teachers and researchers are offered opportunities for testing different formats of cross-campus activities, such as developing transnational learning formats for students, getting international exposure, sharing access to specialised data and infrastructure, developing research-based learning, creating synergy and complementarity for teaching, establishing partnerships leading to joint participation to calls for (inter)national funding schemes. The Connected Communities engage in cross-campus teaching and research activities in line with the research agendas of the alliance’s member universities and address global issues that align with priorities indicated by global organisations such as the United Nation. 

Who can apply? Teachers and researchers from any of the ten member universities and global partners of the alliance. 

How to apply? The Connected Communities are established through annual calls through which the alliance’s member universities identify nominees for acting as a lead in future Connected Communities. These leads are permanent members of the EUTOPIA partner university staff and are willing and motivated to reach out to colleagues working on related topics in other member universities or global partners of the alliance. Please get in touch with the Local Facilitator at your member university to know more about upcoming calls to establish Connected Communities. 

Become a EUTOPIA SIF Post-Doctoral Fellow
EUTOPIA-SIF - Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The EUTOPIA-SIF programme aims to enhance the research potential and career perspectives of outstanding young researchers from around the world. EUTOPIA-SIF fellowships offer the opportunity for high-profile young researchers to develop their research projects in the stimulating academic environment of the EUTOPIA Alliance. Extensive research mobility is integral to the fellowships, which have two compulsory secondment periods: one at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) and one with an external academic or non-academic partner institution to foster the fellows’ entrepreneurial spirit, tangible research impact, and innovation. Furthermore, fellows will have access to a rich training program, career guidance, and academic supervision.

Who can apply?  Young researchers from any member universities or global partners of the alliance and from all around the world. 

How to apply? Applications for the programme are open each academic year. More information is available on the website

Become a EUTOPIA Young Leader
Young Leaders Academy

The ambition of the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy is to support research exchanges between high-potential, early- to mid-career researchers from all EUTOPIA partner universities and boost their career development. Members of the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy constitute a community of promising independent research leaders at the scale of EUTOPIA, sharing and promoting European values and the EUTOPIA vision of an interconnected academic environment. The members are comprised of early to mid-career researchers, between 2 to 12 years after PhD completion. EUTOPIA Young Leaders are, appointed for  2 years. 

Who can apply? The Young Leaders Academy is open to early to mid-career researchers between 2 to 12 years after PhD completion and working at one any of the member universities of the EUTOPIA Alliance or participating global partners (Kyungpook National University KNU and Stellenbosch University at the moment).

How to apply?  Applications for the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy open every year. Check the information on the website.

Meet the EUTOPIA Young Leaders: Cohort 1 and Cohort 2.

Enroll in the EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme
EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme

The EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle program Programme supports high-quality PhD projects in all research areas co-supervised by academics from EUTOPIA member universities. It offers PhD fellowships for 3 to 4 years, depending on the length of doctoral studies at the member universities. Our PhD Co-tutelle projects are expected to lead to high-quality research with global impact, providing exciting career opportunities for the selected doctoral candidates. 

Who can apply? Applications for PhD Co-tutelle projects must be presented by academics from EUTOPIA  member universities participating in the PhD Co-tutelle programme. PhD candidates are selected after approval of the projects.

How to apply? All information about the EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme is available on the website. Recruitment of PhD candidates for approved PhD Co-tutelle projects is carried out by member universities. Check the open vacancies at our member universities to find out if there are any available positions. 

Get involved in Science Diplomacy 
Science Diplomacy 

Science Diplomacy involves using scientific collaborations, knowledge-sharing, and evidence-based decision-making to bridge the gap between science and foreign policy, aiming to address mutual issues by bringing together experts, policymakers, and diplomats. As the only European Universities alliance with a dedicated commitment to science diplomacy, EUTOPIA seeks to serve as a model for other alliances in contributing to the advancement of Science and Diplomacy globally. The partner universities work together to develop a collective understanding of science diplomacy through seminars and training, addressing global challenges and promoting knowledge exchange. 

Who can participate? Science Diplomacy Seminars are aimed at the whole EUTOPIA community and beyond: students, PhD students, academic and administrative teams, but also diplomats and policy-makers. 

How to participate? Follow here the EUTOPIA's series of seminars on Science Diplomacy. 

Benefit from our shared Research Infrastructure 
Research Infrastructure 

EUTOPIA aims to facilitate access to research infrastructure across member universities, offering researchers new opportunities to increase the impact of their work. Sharing research infrastructure offers EUTOPIA researchers the possibility to leverage the alliance’s full spectrum of research facilities and ensure that researchers from all member universities have the support they need to make their mark in the world of research. 

Who can benefit from our shared research infrastructure? All researchers within the member universities of the alliance. 

How to access our shared research infrastructure? Check the list of shared research infrastructure across our member universities and contact the responsible for the research infrastructure you are interested in. 

Join our Faculty and Staff Council 
EUTOPIA Faculty and Staff Council

The EUTOPIA Faculty and Staff Council assists in developing EUTOPIA and its strategy by incorporating the views of the staff members of the member institutions, including both academic staff and representatives from administrative services. The Council advises the alliance on all aspects of the alliance’s activities, particularly the implementation of activities about education, research, innovation, and the development of collaborative services. 

 Who can apply? Faculty and staff members from any of the ten member universities of the alliance are eligible for the EUTOPIA Faculty and Staff Council. The members of the EUTOPIA Faculty and Staff Council are nominated by each member university. Each member university nominates three members of the Council for a three-year period. 
How to apply? Get in touch with the local office of your university to show interest and know more about the appointment of Faculty and Staff Council members within your university. 

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