Opportunities for Researchers and Academics

EUTOPIA has a vibrant community of researchers and young academics. We take pride in fostering a dynamic and innovative academic environment that empowers the next generation of scholars. This page serves as a gateway to a myriad of initiatives designed specifically for researchers and young academics, providing a platform for collaboration, growth, and exploration. Whether you are embarking on the early stages of your academic journey or seeking advanced opportunities for research, we invite you to discover the diverse range of programs, resources, and support systems tailored to enhance your academic experience. Explore the possibilities, engage with like-minded peers, and let EUTOPIA be the catalyst for your academic aspirations. Together, let's shape the future of knowledge and make impactful contributions to the world of research and academia.


Ongoing Calls
Programmes for Researchers and Young Academics
EUTOPIA-SIF - Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The EUTOPIA-SIF programme aims to enhance the research potential and career perspectives of outstanding young researchers from around the world. EUTOPIA-SIF fellowships offer the opportunity for high-profile young researchers to develop their research projects in the stimulating academic environment of the EUTOPIA Alliance. Extensive research mobility is integral to the fellowships, which have two compulsory secondment periods: one at another EUTOPIA university (co-host university) and one with an external academic or non-academic partner institution to foster the fellows’ entrepreneurial spirit, tangible research impact, and innovation. Furthermore, fellows will have access to a rich training program, career guidance, and academic supervision.

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Young Leaders Academy (YLA)

The ambition of the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy (YLA) is to support research exchanges between high-potential, early to mid-career researchers from all EUTOPIA partner universities and support their career development.

Members of the EUTOPIA Young Leaders Academy constitute a community of promising independent research leaders at the scale of EUTOPIA, sharing and promoting European values and the EUTOPIA vision of an interconnected academic environment. The members are comprised of early to mid-career researchers, between 2 to 12 years after PhD completion, appointed for  2 years.

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EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme

The EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle program supports high-quality PhD projects in all research areas co-supervised by academics from EUTOPIA member universities. It offers PhD fellowships for 3 to 4 years, depending on the length of doctoral studies in the partner universities. It is expected to lead to high-quality research projects with global impact, providing exciting research opportunities for PhD or doctoral candidates. They shall take full advantage of the vibrant scientific environment of the EUTOPIA alliance

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