Governance Structure

EUTOPIA's robust governance is supported by the following bodies:
  • The Board of Presidents shapes the alliance's long-term vision and strategic direction, developing strategies and policies for its sustainability.
  • The Board of Directors supervises the operational management of the alliance and oversees the work of the Central Office and Alliance Management Board.
  • The Alliance Management Board coordinates the implementation of the alliance's activities across projects and institutions, in line with the alliance's strategy and long-term vision.
  • The Advisory Council advises the alliance, through the Board of Presidents, in its strategic development on various areas, such as education, research, governance, and external engagement.
  • The Faculty and Staff Council supports EUTOPIA's development by bringing academic and administrative staff members' perspectives, particularly concerning developments in education, research, or collaborative services.
  • The Student Council is vital in bringing the student voice into the alliance governance. The Council also facilitates promotion of the alliance's initiatives to the EUTOPIA student community.
  • The Quality Council oversees quality assurance within the alliance. The Council includes representatives with governance and quality assurance expertise from each member university.
  • The EUTOPIA Central Office coordinates governance processes, oversees the progress of the alliance's activities, and provides support and policy advice to the alliance through the Board of Directors.
  • Institutional Coordinators coordinate the alliance's projects and activities within their institutions and work closely with the Central Office to facilitate cross-institution cooperation.