Programmes for and by Students

Current programmes:


The Open Innovation Challenge

The Open Innovation Challenge is the embodiment of EUTOPIA’s will to transform universities into actors of societal change, fostering international and regional collaboration with public and private partners. It is a European student competition centered on innovation to solve problems faced by partners of the EUTOPIA universities.

The EUTOPIA Student Career Ambasadors

The EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors are a selected group of students working in synergy with the orientation / professional insertion services from their universities. They aim to create a European network of job, internship, and apprenticeship offers; they help students find companies domestically or abroad; and they organize workshops open to all students, that cover the job culture in each country of the alliance and how to find jobs in them, career opportunities in European Institutions and many more!

Student Conferences

BeEUTOPIAn: the annual EUTOPIA Student-led Conference.

Summer Student Conference: 'Rethinking the UN SDG Agenda in the Post-Pandemic Era' as part of the Geography, Environment and Sustainability Learning Community.

The Warwick Economic Summit, (WES): the largest Student-led scientific conference in Europe.

EURSS 2021: EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme

The EURSS is a great opportunity for students to lead their own international research project. You will develop valuable transferable skills, build your confidence and enhance your CV and career prospects.

ICUR 2021: The International Conference for Undergraduate Research

ICUR is an annual, two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world, that fosters international connections and interdisciplinary conversations between undergraduates from partner institutions.

EUTOPIA Certificate of Internationalisation (EUCI)

The EUTOPIA Certificate of Internationalisation (EUCI) encourages, recognizes, and rewards students’ international learning.

If you’re a registered student at one of the six universities in the EUTOPIA Alliance, you can complete this certificate and gain formal recognition for your international experiences and competencies.

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