Summer Student Conference: Rethinking the UN SDG Agenda in the Post-Pandemic Era

A new Student-led Conference

Rethinking the UN SDG Agenda in the Post-Pandemic Era: Building New Priorities, Facing New Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The students of the Learning Community Geography, environment and sustainability are hosting a series of conferences from June 30th to July 2nd:
“Rethinking the UN SDG Agenda in the Post-Pandemic Era: Building new priorities, facing new challenges and seizing opportunities”

From international organizations to our own little communities and families, everything has been shaken by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Global problems associated with poverty, hunger, and health have been foregrounded. When it is just a decade to reach the deadline of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, the path seems to have dramatically changed.

The conference will be student-led, strengthening the student-centered value emphasized in the alliance, giving a main role to them, their rich ideas and voices speaking from all over Europe.

This event will take on the particular effects of the health crisis on the SDGs, especially in cities, on inequalities, consumption, and other topics in a transdisciplinary way. The Conference also encourages the participation of experts in the fields and university students in order to create a joint conversation, necessary to widen our perspectives and therefore work towards these goals while leaving no one behind.

What’s on the program, who’s speaking, and how to register?

You can find more information on the schedule, the speakers, and registration HERE. (click “Idioma” at the top right of the page and select English).

To read feedback from the organizing students, click here.

For any further inquiries, refer to Jo Angouri and Linde Moriau.