EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors

What are EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors?

The EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors are a selected group of students working in synergy with the orientation / professional insertion services from their universities.

They aim to create a European network of job, internship, and apprenticeship offers relayed through their social networks and those of EUTOPIA. They help students find companies domestically or abroad, and assist fellow incoming students from the EUTOPIA universities in their countries as well.

Furthermore, they organize workshops open to all students, professors, and staff of the EUTOPIA alliance, with the goal of creating links between partners universities’ territories, and building successful profiles within the EUTOPIA community.

Subjects of the workshops will cover the job culture in each country of the alliance and how to find jobs in them, career opportunities in European Institutions, and many more!

Who are the EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassadors?

From Ljubljana


My name is Jana and I’m currently in my fourth year of Human Resources Management studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubjlana.

As a Student Career Ambassador, my main goal is to help students in their careers by spreading messages and sharing information about different career opportunities, as well as organizing events, giving advice, encouraging social networking and so on. I can say that I’m very ambitious, organized and a hard working person, but at the same time I definitely love to relax, travel and have a lot of fun.

Ljiljana Lazikić

I am Ljiljana Lazikić, a third-year-student of Sociology-Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences, in Ljubljana. I am very curious about education and career opportunities and because of that, I think that being a EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassador is a great chance for me to learn new skills, develop my career, experience new challenges, and also to spread information to other students and motivate them to be more prepared for what the future holds. As a foreign student myself, with my current experience and knowledge that I gained through this project, I want to help others with their development, mobility, career paths and building connections with others across Europe.


Eva Julija Poberaj

My name is Eva Julija Poberaj and I am in my last year of Human Resources Management studies at the University of Ljubljana.

In my spare time I love to cook and try out new dishes from around the world. It’s my excuse to invite my friends over and hang out. That way I could combine two of my favourite things – friends and food. Due to the fact that I always love to meet new people, interact and learn from them, it was a no brainer that EUTOPIA was a project for me.

As a Career Ambassador my goals are to gain new knowledge in this specific field, help to organize events, inform students on various topics and share workshops that can help them in the future and expend their competences. I believe that this project is not only about individual growth but also to prepare students for the professional world as much as possible

From Brussels


I’m Myriam, a 24-year old tax law student at the VUB in Brussels, Belgium. Being someone highly motivated and eager to learn new skills, has given me the opportunity to gain work experience in diverse work environments in many different industries. I’ve also spent the past 4 years in a start-up that helps students and young graduates find a suitable (first) job that meets their needs and talents, all while teaching them (soft) skills that are indispensable on the job market.

I particularly enjoy interacting with people. I commit some of my free time to engage, and support others in creating and making exciting projects come to life. I have a natural curiosity. This encourages me to evolve, grow and be a better person than I was yesterday!

I hope I can share my experience with all of you, and learn from my fellow Career Ambassadors of EUTOPIA. Growth should be everyone’s priority, and we’re confident that what we have planned for you the next few years will not just help you attain your career goals, but also help you grow as a person.

From Barcelona

Josep Armengol

My name is Josep Armengol and I’m the new Student Career Ambassador for Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona! I’m currently studying Law and Global Studies and my fields of interest are History, Politics, and International Relations.

During my free time I enjoy going to nature and one of my favorite plans is to go hiking in the mountains with my friends. I love to travel and I have had the chance to live in Brussels and Singapore during my third year of university.

As a Student Career Ambassador, I am excited to be part of the EUTOPIA network and altogether help other students with their career ambitions abroad. Please feel free to reach out to me and share your doubts!

From Warwick

Ashmeena Rickaby

My name is Ashmeena Rickaby and I study French and History at the University of Warwick. As a student of French, I am very keen to interact with other European students and I am passionate about maintaining a European student community. I love that the EUTOPIA project is providing an opportunity for European cultural exchange and I am looking forward to helping students across borders to overcome barriers to finding a job abroad. Aside from my studies, I love to travel and welcome any recommendations of places to visit, especially if they involve food!

Rosy McGee

I’m Rosy McGee and I’m really excited to join the EUTOPIA project as a Student Careers Ambassador! I’m a second-year student at the University of Warwick, where I study Modern Languages and Economics.
My interests include traveling and learning new languages, and have previously lived in both Germany and France where I worked as an au pair. I also like cooking, music and I’m an animal lover.
The EUTOPIA project to me is an amazing opportunity for students across Europe to unite and learn with and from each other, something I’m a big believer in. As a Student Careers Ambassador I’m looking forward to helping students from Warwick and our EUTOPIA partners to see all the opportunities available to them and to pursue their international career ambitions!

Beth Taylor Logie

I’m Beth Taylor Logie and I am one of the new Warwick Student Career ambassadors. I am currently in my final year studying Psychology and I have spent the last year studying in Krakow, Poland as part of the Erasmus exchange programme. 
My interests include traveling, playing tennis, and cooking especially finding new recipes and dishes that I love from around the world! 
Studying abroad was such an amazing experience as it gave me the chance to work with people from across Europe and the world finding out about different cultures in the process. This is why I think the EUTOPIA project is so incredible as it aims to enhance this relationship between different countries in working and studying. 
I am super excited to start working on this project! I can’t wait to learn from everyone and share ideas and I hope to aid students from across the EUTOPIA network in pursuing their dreams of finding careers abroad!

From Gothenburg

Uwe Fromm

My name is Uwe Fromm and I study at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (GU). Having grown up in Germany, I had to discover that not only soccer is fun to watch, but that ice hockey can be quite entertaining too! (Admittedly, during the first game I watched, the most exciting thing seemed to be the ‘ice resurfacer’, but that has changed now). At the University of Gothenburg, I am studying in the Master’s Program in European Studies where I was warmly welcomed by the locals and the city. This, among other things, has led me to apply as the EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassador at GU, where I wants to promote international career opportunities and experiences to the Gothenburg students, as well as to all other students within the EUTOPIA network.

From Cergy-Paris

Gladys Gros-Desormeaux

My name is Gladys Gros-Desormeaux, I’m 22 years old and I’m studying European and International Affairs at CY Cergy Paris University. I’m the EUTOPIA Student Career Ambassador for my university, and at the same time EU Careers Ambassador.

I am an enthusiastic and positive person, passionate about several fields. I am interested in culture, especially folklore, drama, music and cinema, so I would like to manage Creative Europe – a European project – in the future. However, I’m open to several subjects since I consider myself as open and cheerful for any activities. I am interested in several areas including ecology, energy and transports. Therefore, I dedicate my spare time to take care of my plants and ride a bike.

I decided to join EUTOPIA as a student career ambassador with the same goal as for my second status, EU Careers Ambassador : I wanted to connect students to professional opportunities, in this case within the Consortium. I find the work with the other European ambassadors enriching and engrossing. We work in bringing students closer to work opportunities by being contact person. We also develop professional workshops shaped for them. And lately, we work on our communication networks. I wanted to be part of this innovative and inspiring project because it has an impact on every member of the university.

How can you contact them?

You have three ways of contacting the EUTOPIA Career Ambassadors.

The first one is directly via their common e-mail address: If you have any questions about who they are or what they do, ask them! They’ll answer.

The second is via the Career Ambassador’s official LinkedIn account, follow it for news and job and internship opportunities all over the alliance!

The final and third way s through their own Instagram account,! Go follow them and get news about future workshops directly there!