from March 4, 2024 to April 5, 2024
Published on March 1, 2024 Updated on June 6, 2024

University of the Month: The University of Warwick

Have you ever been tempted to find out more about the universities that make up the EUTOPIA alliance? Your curiosity is justified! This month's feature will give you the chance to dive headfirst into an important aspect of a member university. 

The second university in this series is The University of Warwick, which has chosen to focus on its international partnerships, especially in Australia and Italy.

Find out more about this university of excellence that declares that international is in its DNA: 

International is a cornerstone of our University strategy. Our overarching aim is to make a positive contribution to the world and its complex challenges, growing our reputation as one of the world’s exceptional universities through global recognition of our research and education excellence.

This month, along with the institution’s ID card, we feature the Monash Warwick Alliance and the Warwick Venice Centre, plus a series of photos that will help you discover some of the faces of one of the most interesting modern British institutions

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The new Faculty of Arts building at Warwick
The new Faculty of Arts building at Warwick - © UW