from April 11, 2023 to April 28, 2023
Published on April 11, 2023 Updated on April 19, 2023

EUTOPIA Undergraduate Summer School on the History of Violence - Hosted by the TU Dresden

Summer School history of violence
Summer School history of violence

The EUTOPIA Summer School explores violence as a broad theme across time and space, and queries what the manifestation of violence in different contexts can tell us as historians. Born out of the longstanding relationship between Warwick and Dresden, the summer school is run by scholars from both institutions, giving students access to world-class research and teaching. Students will gain diachronic and interdisciplinary insight into histories of violence through academic seminars and lectures, field trips, archival visits, and more.

The summer school is for students at EUTOPIA partner institutions, and primarily aimed at those about to enter the final year of their undergraduate studies. The inaugural 2023 Summer School takes place in Dresden from July 2nd - 8th, and will enable exploration of themes such as: Historiography of Violence; Gendered Violence; Colonial Violence; Violence in Political Discourse; Representing Violence; Drink-Related Violence.

Accommodation will be provided onsite at TU Dresden. Students will be expected to pay for their own meals, with reasonably priced options nearby. Travel bursaries are available. 

Applications close on 28 April 2023. For more information and to apply visit: