on November 1, 2023
Published on January 17, 2024 Updated on May 2, 2024

EUTOPIA Impact School 2023

In November 2023, the first EUTOPIA Impact School took place. The project envisions the organisation of several Impact Schools, with the aim of contributing to the consolidation and implementation of EUTOPIA's long-term goals, strengthening connected research, and contributing to the building of the future EUTOPIA College.

The first of these impact initiatives was organised by Technische Universität Dresden during a three-day workshop where 10 doctoral students, one from each of the EUTOPIA universities, worked on and showcased their own research while receiving training in storytelling and presentation techniques.

The 2023 Impact School was dedicated to the theme of "Science Communication and Science Slam". During the workshop, participants specifically worked on their own scientific texts. Additionally, they delved into the science slam format, learned storytelling and presentation techniques, and ultimately created their own presentation. At the end of the Impact School, participants presented their research to an international audience in a short video pitch that was then published on the EUTOPIA, UPF, and TU Dresden websites:

  • WhatsApp wonders: Superhero women's digital adventures in Nigeria (Emilomo Joy Alawode, UPF)
  • Aesthetics and politics of decolonial practices in contemporary dance (Lara Barzon, UoW)
  • A new therapy against ovarian cancer- treating ourselves with our cells (Aarushi Audhut Caro, VUB)
  • Vibrations in museums: What a crash! (Loïc Forma, CYU)
  • Collecting shrapnel for memories (Iris Ivaniš, UL)
  • Greener future with green microalgae (Fatemeh Khosravitabar, GU)
  • Redefining skin cancer treatment: Exploring innovative approaches beyond traditional chemotherapy (Giorgiana Negrea, UBB)
  • Stem cells for preterm babies (Luis Rodríguez, TUD)
  • Food from waste (Giancarmelo Stamilla, UNIVE)
  • How do bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics (Alicia Sentieiro Tostão, NOVA)

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Julia Offe and Armin Himmelrath. Dr. Julia Offe is an expert in the field of science communication and science slam. She has played a significant role in developing and establishing the format in Germany. With her experience, she provided valuable insights for participants in their scientific careers. As a science journalist, Armin Himmelrath has many years of journalistic experience in print and radio and is a professor of journalism at various educational institutions. He is also the author of several books on education and science policy topics.

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