on March 10, 2022
Published on March 21, 2022 Updated on April 27, 2022

Onboarding of 12 New EUTOPIA Connected Learning Communities

On March 10th the EUTOPIA Education and Students Team onboarded 12 new learning communities.

The day's sessions took place in Barcelona, hosted by the UPF. A total of 26 participants attended in person. 8 of those were the new community leads and co-leads, and a further 3 leads joined online. The program was opened by a welcome speech from the UPF Rector Oriol Amat, followed by an opening speech by Antonio Luna Garcia (Vice-Rector for Internationalisation at UPF).

Participants were then introduced to the EUTOPIA Educational Model as well as guided through interactive presentations, a workshop moment, and plenary discussion as to how to get started and what to expect in the development of their new Connected Learning Community and later connected learning activities. This was led by the WP2 coordinator Rosette S’Jegers, curriculum developer Jo Angouri, Project Officer Karen Triquet, and Platform Enabler Tomy Quenet. The day also provided the opportunity for the participants to learn more about UPFs Educational Model “EDvolució", presented by Manel Jiménez (Vice-Rector for Educational Transformation, Culture, and Communication at UPF), and equally one of the leads of a new EUTOPIA LC.
The event proved to be lively and energy-fuelled as leads and co-leads readied themselves for the beginnings of a new set of EUTOPIA Connected Learning Communities. The ongoing partnership selection for the new communities is also in the phase of being finalised at this point, with thematically linked partners having been selected by the highest authorities across the alliance institutions, including the new alliance members.