from September 27, 2022 to October 31, 2022
Published on September 27, 2022 Updated on September 27, 2022

A three-episode podcast on hate speech by the students of the LC International Journalism and Global Media

against Hate speech
against Hate speech
In 2021 the Learning Community International Journalism and Global Media wished to create a podcast helmed by its students, where they could explore a subject linked with current European journalistic focus points. This first series of episodes focuses on hate-speech and was conducted by the 1st year students of the Master's Degree of Journalism at CY Cergy Paris Université*.
Episode 1: Law and definition

In the XXIst century, hate speech and bullying have intensified, especially with the rise of social media. A new kind of harassment appeared: cyber-bullying. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, online platforms became places likely to host hateful behavior. Despite the alarming situation, major issues linger: there is no definition of the word “hatred” in international human rights. Moreover, laws in Europe remain blurry when it comes to the meaning of hate speech, bullying and cyber-bullying, making it almost impossible to apply sanctions. 6 aspiring female journalists looked into the issue.

An episode brought to you by Ines GACEMI – EL DAHSHOURY, Fatoumata KOULIBALY, Paule-Emmanuelle DELBE, Emeline ODI, and Adèle ENGUEHARD


Episode 2: Online hate speech and groupuscules

In the digital era, society is easily fractured by hate spceech that is conveyed through social media and the internet. The origin of this hate is diverse, but it often comes from small groupuscules. These groups specifically target a vulnerable audience, namely the youth or people who feel excluded from society at large. The new digital languages (memes, emojies, GIFs...) are their main tools to influence and later convince their targets. Their goal: to create a community large enough that they can become a real political threat to the standing social order.

This episode receives a member of the groupuscule "Action Française", a french royalist and far-right french political organisation, and then gives the floor to Axel Boursier, researcher and specialist of the new digital society.

An episode brought to you by Rayane BEYLY, Juliette GENDRON, Camille BOUZA, Noémie SOLAVAIN, Benjamin BENHAMOU et Margaux BRETON


Episode 3: The victims of Cyber-bullying

Cyberbullying is often associated with loss of confidence, complexes and anxiety. It is necessary to inform victims about the different ways to rebuild their lives: legal and psychological support,  and social validation are the key words. There are no magic spells, predetermined protocols  to begin resilience. Everyone must find their own path, their own solution to get better. We met Paul and Mathieu, victims of cyberbullying. A lawyer and a psychologist also enlightened us on the stages of reconstruction.

An episode brought to you by Eleonore, Nollan, Louise, Martin, Morgane, and Marie


*The realisation of this podcast also relies on the help and support of students from the other universities involved in the LC.