from October 11, 2023 to November 13, 2023
Published on October 11, 2023 Updated on October 11, 2023

VUB Organises Online Lecture on 'Leadership and Wellbeing'

VUB cordially invites the EUTOPIA Community to join and listen to an inspirational online lecture on leadership on Monday 13th November. Following a brief introduction by VUB rector Jan Danckaert (09h30-09h50), leadership expert Kathleen Vangronsvelt will give a keynote speech on Leadership and well-being, followed by an expert panel (10h00-12h00, times subject to change):

How can we promote well-being in the workplace by embracing leadership? It is a question many organisations, leaders and followers struggle with during and after times of VUCA. Research and best practices are steadily piecing the puzzle together. In this keynote speech, prof. dr. Kathleen Vangronsvelt will reflect on how leaders and organisations can create conditions within which people can thrive; how leaders and followers together can look for a balance between feeling like they belong and feeling that they are unique; and how "feeling like a fake" can actually be a sign of growth.

Interested EUTOPIAns can follow along via livestream, by registering here.