du 8 novembre 2023 au 30 novembre 2023
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Call for BrIAS 2023-2024 by VUB

The Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies (BrIAS), co-founded by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB-EUTOPIA) and the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB-CIVIS), is an incubator of ideas and research, focusing on sustainable development and urgent themes with a great societal impact.

Between May 2021 and May 2023, over 100 activities were organised around the theme "The past, present, and future of food, climate, and sustainability". BrIAS welcomed 46 senior fellows, 12 junior fellows, and over 200 guest speakers from very diverse disciplines to discuss, challenge, brainstorm, and propose ideas for future research. The fellows, among whom Prof. Dr. Beat Kümin of the University of Warwick,  a EUTOPIA member, came from 25 countries, including developing countries, which face critical challenges concerning sustainability.

Following an independent evaluation of new theme proposals by a jury composed of representatives of the European University Alliances EUTOPIA and CIVIS, of VUB and ULB vice-rectors, and of the directors of the R&D rectorates, BRIAS selected the topic of ‘Sustainable Robotics’ for its 2023–2024 edition.

As robotic and automated devices become an integral part of our lives, it has become critical to understand if they can be truly durable and how they could optimally contribute to sustainability. BRIAS will bring together experts from across the world to tackle critical debates, e.g., from food to war, and explore challenges for the present and future, e.g. from sustainable materials to life-cycle assessments.

BrIAS has preferential relations with members of the EUTOPIA and CIVIS University Alliances. For colleagues with expertise in the field of Sustainable Robotics, BrIAS may offer a fellowship to EUTOPIA and to CIVIS. Fellowships involve coming to Brussels between January 15th and May 15th, 2024, for a minimum stay of one month. When not in Brussels, the Fellows are strongly encouraged to participate online.

The Fellows are expected to provide at least one BrIAS Talk related to the BrIAS theme and will commit to attending and participating in the BrIAS events and social activities.

In addition to the reimbursement of travel expenses to and from Brussels, fellows will be provided with accommodation and an additional contribution towards extra living expenses.

Interested colleagues should send an application to brias@vub.be, indicating why they would like to participate and which expertise they can offer during their stay.

Deadline for applications: November 30. The selection will be based exclusively on scientific excellence.

More information on BrIAS in general or on the ‘Sustainable Robotics’ theme, please check our website, brias.be. More information on the Fellowships will be provided upon request by Anja Garone, BrIAS Administrative Manager, at brias@vub.be.

Please also check out our “BrIAS Report 2021-2023”, which can be downloaded here.