from May 5, 2024 to May 31, 2024
Published on May 9, 2024 Updated on May 9, 2024

EUTOPIA Seeks Student-Led Projects

The EUTOPIA Alliance invites student organisations to submit initiatives to promote collaboration and tackle sustainability challenges. Six projects will be selected for support, with opportunities for in-person visits and online meetings. Financial assistance will be provided for travel and accommodation. The call is open from May 6, 2024 to May 27, 2024. The indicative date for the announcement of the first results is June 5, 2024. Initiatives must be implemented by November 1, 2024, with reports due by November 15. This presents a chance for students to drive positive change and expand their networks across Europe.

The call aims to foster connectivity and cooperation among student-driven actions. It will select and support six projects to tackle pressing issues aligned with the broader goals and activities of the EUTOPIA Alliance, especially those centred on sustainable development. The call is open to student organisations from all ten member universities. 

Selected initiatives will receive support from experts within EUTOPIA. 

The journey begins with developing a detailed plan outlining the execution of each initiative. To facilitate collaboration, the plan includes one or two physical mobilities (in-person visits to EUTOPIA universities, except, for administrative reasons, the University of Warwick) to partner universities lasting up to three days per visit, along with two online meetings. Financial assistance for the physical mobilities will cover travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses. 

The call presents a unique opportunity for student organisations to drive positive change, foster collaboration, and contribute to European sustainable development efforts. With support from the alliance, these initiatives can make a lasting impact on campuses and communities alike. For more information and applying, read more here.