Technological Business Development Cross-Campus Activity

Technological Business Development Project

The overall goal is to make entrepreneurship education accessible to all students and hence, to train business engineers in technology and entrepreneurship and to train technology engineers in business economics and entrepreneurship. We mix students from economic and business studies with students from other faculties and with different backgrounds to create multidisciplinary teams.

The course is highly practical and does not comprise any theoretical lessons from the coordinators. The main work is done by the student groups, including 2 steps:

  • First, the teams perform desk research where they gather deep knowledge of the technology, analyze the market and find potential customers/collaborators and competitors.
  • Secondly, the students perform field research where they are expected to talk to customers, collaborators and/or competitors to find the best strategy to sell the technology/product.
The findings will be used by the research groups, depend on how far the technology is already developed. But generally, it aims to valorize the technology, attract funding and take the next step in launching the spin-off.
  • TITLE: Technological Business Development Project
  • DATE: Oct 2020 - May 2021
  • LOCATION: Virtual event – platform: Teams
  • HOST: EUTOPIA LC Technological Business Development – coordinated by Thomas Crispeels (VUB), Marie Gruber (VUB), Marc Goldchstein (VUB)
  • PARTICIPANTS: 20 VUB MA-students, 1 ULB MA-Student, 3 UPF PhD-students


“it has been a very interesting project, where we have been able to see the interdisciplinarity of the subject and get closer to the technological real world”

“I  believe that it is positive for universities to work together in such projects because it is a great learning experience which is motivating for students”.