on February 13, 2023
Published on February 3, 2023 Updated on February 3, 2023

Tips for Successfully Living Across Cultures - Online session

Cultures tips
Cultures tips
Rich Kurtzman will give you tips and strategies that will help you adapt to new cultural experiences.

Intercultural competence is affective and appropriate behavior in interactions with personal competence. The ability to create empathy, listen actively, and have a positive, motivated, and flexible attitude towards individual of differing cultures is often associated with this trait.

The intercultural perspective is a transformative model that needs to be kept in mind in daily work in any professional and personal field.

Sign up for this session, where we'll share tips and strategies that will help you adapt to new cultures in order to take advantage of the opportunity and maximize the experience. Get out of your comfort zone and feel like a fish in water.

Content of the activity:
  • The importance of learning to cross cultures effectively
  • The requirements to be a global leader
  • The methods to develop the power of observation and analysis
  • The most effective way to find the right mindset before, during and after a stay abroad
  • The necessary mechanisms to grow professionally and personally abroad

This virtual session will be taught in English by Rich Kurtzman, speaker, consultant, teacher, writer and coach for those interested in learning to live and work successfully between cultures.

The session will take place on Monday February 13th, from 11:00 to 12:00 CET, online via Zoom.
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