on November 17, 2022
Published on October 24, 2022 Updated on October 24, 2022

EUTOPIA-TRAIN Fifth Citizen Science Clinic - Panel of 'Citizen Scientists'

Citizen Science Clinic
Citizen Science Clinic

EUTOPIA’s fifth Citizen Science Clinic is scheduled for Thursday, November 17, 16:00-17:00 CET!

As suggested by previous clinic participants, we’ve reached out to CS project participants (the usual ‘target audience’, if you will) to join us!
After all, who could inform us better about motivations, barriers and success stories than actual citizen scientists themselves?

  • Interested? Register HERE and receive a calendar invite including the Zoom link.
Because we are joined by guests, we would take a slightly different approach from the ‘clinic’ format we used up until now.
More specifically, in case you, as a researcher, have questions or topics you’d like to propose to our panel, please let us know in advance. (floor.keersmaekers@vub.be)
We welcome concrete suggestions about matters that are close to your heart and which you would like to discuss.
This will help to define a structure/outline for this meeting.
  • Want to get to know Johanna Robinson, who will join us? Our Slovenian colleague has been involved in citizen science in the role of a scientist practicing CS, a citizen scientist, and a scientist who has studied the participation experiences of citizen scientists.
  • We’re still looking to expand our panel! Do you want to include participants from your own project? Let us know.
Disclaimer TRAIN
Disclaimer TRAIN