Published on April 22, 2024 Updated on April 22, 2024

Ideas Club session at the International Science Festival Gothenburg

On April 17th 2024, the Gothenburg International Science Festival hosted a session on "IDEAS Club: How waves shape history".

The Ideas Club consists of students from Swedish universities where students lead debates with university colleagues in the Swedish Western region. This is the concluding event where their findings are presented and explored. 

The talk was facilitated by Catherine Gillo Nilsson, EUTOPIA MORE Inclusion Group Coordinator at the University of Gothenburg. Among the invited speakers, several professors, researchers and staff from the EUTOPIA Universities were present: Carlotta Pisano (NOVA University Lisbon), Alessia Lorenzon (Ca Foscari University Venice), Jeremy Land, Ram Krishna Ranjan and Karin Jonson (University of Gothenburg). Kerstin von Brömssen (University West) was also there. Together, they discussed the following topics:
  • The inputs and exploration exercise on the dynamics of collective memory and historical narratives
  • How historical events, cultural movements and social upheavals are remembered and represented over time 
  • The future of education and learning, migration, trade and globalisation, and film-making practice
  • What learnings and experiences come from the Ideas club?