from May 13, 2024 to June 13, 2024
Published on May 14, 2024 Updated on May 16, 2024

Connected Communities Lead the Way in European Knowledge Exchange

EUTOPIA is setting the stage for transnational collaboration with its second round of Connected Communities (CCs). These CCs are the embodiment of cooperative knowledge efforts across the alliance's universities, fostering interconnectedness among teachers, researchers, and students on a European scale.

The heart of the CCs lies in their commitment to bridging the gaps separating academia from broader society. They engage stakeholders from diverse sectors by addressing pertinent societal challenges, enriching academic pursuits, and fostering impactful collaborations beyond the confines of university walls.

Teaching and research merge within these CCs, facilitating innovative formats of cross-campus cooperation. By leveraging the collective expertise of participants, these communities generate far-reaching impacts, transcending individual experiences to create a collective scholarly ethos. Moreover, inclusivity lies at the core of CC activities, aiming to accommodate diverse learners through flexible and blended cooperation formats, ensuring that knowledge exchange remains accessible and relevant to all.

The appointed leads, drawn from the alliance's universities, spearhead collaborative efforts among their peers. Through an incubation period facilitated by the EUTOPIA central team, these leads and their partners transition from resource-sharing to implementing cross-campus learning and knowledge activities, enriching academic offerings and positioning EUTOPIA as a hub of innovation and collaboration in higher education.

As the CCs progress through their incubation phase, they evaluate their connected activities and chart pathways towards sustainability. Whether through integration into existing academic offerings, joint degree programs, or collaborative research endeavors, these communities pave the way for enduring partnerships and transformative scholarship.

The leaders of the second round of Connected Communities exemplify the breadth and depth of collaborative scholarship within EUTOPIA.

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