Summer Schools of EUTOPIA Partners - 2022

Each year, the partner universities of EUTOPIA offer a wide range of Summer and Winter Schools, often open to international students.

This page lists all Summer Schools from EUTOPIA open to our wide community of European students.
Universitatea Babes-Bolyai


This year, the UBB is particularly happy to announce an on-site meeting, in Cluj-Napoca, between 19 July - 11 August 2022. 

The event represents one of the University`s traditions, recommended for half a century of the professional expertise of its teachers, the quality of the working materials, and the methods of teaching. The curriculum has been created in such a way that it meets particular individual needs of everyone wanting to learn the Romanian language as a foreign language. Their experience is complete with high-value cultural activities, meant to integrate them into the Romanian scenery. 

What is new to our programme is that each participant can create their own package. Besides, for the incoming session, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University are pooling resources to grant scholarships fully funding the participation of three candidates in the programme. The application procedure is available on the Ministry website.

Find the leaflet here and the programme here.

More information and registration procedure here. Direct your questions here.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel


VUB invites bachelor students with a background in biology, chemistry, biotechnology or biomedical sciences and with an interest in topics such as cancer research, synthetic biology, structural biology, plant genetics, microbial biotechnology, and research valorization to the BIOTECH Summer School this summer!

“Biotech in Brussels: where biology meets technology” will run from 8 to 19 August 2022, with ample time for participants to immerse into state-of-the-art biotechnology-related research and developments. the deadline for applications is  15 April 2022.

More information and registration procedures here



The adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the major piece of the EU data governance framework. In order to complete this framework, EU policymakers have been busy drafting amendments to existing laws and proposing new legal measures to respond to the realities of the data economy. In this context, the European Commission has most notably put forward several regulatory proposals. 

The 2022 Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law will focus on the EU data governance reform. Each regulatory text will first be placed within its proper background and ecosystem, before analysing its regulatory approach and (still draft) provisions. Particular attention will be paid to its relationship with specific aspects of the EU data protection law, particularly with the GDPR.

The 2022 Summer Academy for Global Privacy Law will take place in a hybrid format, both online and on-site, from Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1, 2022. In the morning, participants will attend lectures by selected speakers including internationally recognised academics, policymakers, data protection authorities, and civil society representatives. In the afternoon, they will engage in interactive sessions and teamwork allowing them to further connect regardless of their location.

For more information and to apply, please visit the Summer Academy website.

The course runs from 27 June to1 July 2022

3. SUMMER SCHOOL ON EU POLICY MAKING (Co-organised with Brussels School of Governance). Applications Closed!

A summer programme co-organised by the VUB and Brussels School of Governance, will once again be taking place this year. The intensive two-week Jean Monnet Summer School on EU Policy Making taught on campus is held one week in Brussels and one week in Vienna from Monday 4 to Friday 15 July 2022.

This year's theme is Analysing civil rights in today’s EU. Packed with interactive seminars and study visits, the focus area of civil rights will touch on policy discussions related to human security, migration, anti-discrimination, and diversity. Applications are open to all students.

More information and registration procedures here



The VUB Faculty of Engineering is proud to present its first VUB Engineering Summer School 2022 in cooperation with ArcelorMittal. Over a period of one week from 11 to 15 July 2022, industry guest speakers and VUB professors will cover all fields of engineering linked to the main operations and production processes of ArcelorMittal. Students will also be invited for a guided tour visit to the site in Ghent.

The week will consist of lectures, from VUB professors and industry speakers. Various topics will be addressed, such as steel production, AI, robotics and machine learning. There will even be a private tour and visit of ArcelorMittal's facilities, where you will see all processes talked about during the summer school applied to real examples and applications.

More information and registration procedures here

5. W.A.T.E.R  - the 6th edition of International Summer School on Hydraulics Measurement Techniques

W.A.T.E.R.: Workshop on Advanced measurement Techniques and Experimental Research is a Summer School started in 2016 by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( and the IAHR Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Committee (EMI) (

The 6th edition will be held in the Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa from 18th to 22nd July 2022.

W.A.T.E.R. Summer School is focused on experimental methods applied in different hydraulics fields. It combines theoretical sessions and hands-on measurement exercises in the laboratory. The participants will have the opportunity to perform real-time measurements of different physical variables using state of the art techniques including PIV, PTV and UVP. The W.A.T.E.R. Summer School is a meeting point for young researchers to foster the exchange of information and cooperation, and at the same time provide the participants with an international research environment.

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6. Brussels 2030 Summer Assembly, 2022
During this Summer Assembly 2022,  Brussels is taking its first steps in preparing the candidacy of Brussels as the European Capital of Culture in 2030. A tantalizing multi-day programme filled with keynotes, co-creation labs, workshops, field trips, movie screenings, and artistic performances, … 
The very first Brussels2030 Summer Assembly offers a space where diverse urban actors can inspire one another and initiate processes of collaborative city-making. Participants and contributors will explore needs and challenges, and produce scenarios and tools for working towards desirable urban futures, in and beyond the Brussels context. 
Our aim is to encourage rich encounters and dialogues. We, therefore, welcome people with diverse personal, professional and disciplinary backgrounds. Whether you are an engaged citizen or student, working in a Brussels-based organization, public administration, university, or want to start up your own initiative, you’re all very much welcome! A variety of activities are proposed, building on participatory and engaged/engaging methods. They aim to inspire Brussels and the Brussels2030 project. 

Come, test and share your thought-provoking ideas as well as your cultural, environmental and societal projects during the very first Summer Assembly. 
Discover more about the programme here

Venue: Tour à Plomb, Brussels 
Date: 4-8 July 2022

Ca' Foscari University of Venice


The 3rd International Summer School in Global Studies focuses on globally shared issues such as global economies and inequalities, major trends that affect contemporary geopolitics and geo-economy, development and the environment from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

The Summer School focuses on the most important economic, environmental and political implications of globalization.

The 2022 program will cover significant topics such as globalization and sustainable development, global finance, international relations and law, climate change and international policies, military power, global food systems and sustainability. Moreover, a module on Leadership and Management, and a multidisciplinary laboratory on staff and communication skills will allow participants to become familiar with the most effective approaches to conflict management and leadership dynamics.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to attend a “Country profile workshop”, where they will be required to actively participate in the analysis of the physical, political, economic and military profile of a Country of their choice. Classes will be held at Ca' Foscari University in the city centre, and in the majestic buildings of the Arsenale of Venice, at the Italian Military Navy base (base della Marina Militare).

Prerequisites: a background in the topics is not necessary, but students will need a basic knowledge of economics (high school level).

Lessons and workshops are scheduled over 3 weeks from18 July to 5 August 2022,  for a total of 60 contact hours, amounting to 12 university credits to be recognized by the participants’ home university.

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The Summer School in Classical Chinese and Classical Japanese/Kanbun is unique in its kind. Organised in collaboration with Princeton University, it offers two tracks of comprehensive, grammar-focused instruction taught by Faculty members from both Ca' Foscari and Princeton.

The programme is designed especially for students who wish to develop their linguistic expertise for graduate study in any discipline of premodern China or Japan.

Students can choose between two tracks: each track offers language classes in addition to a lecture series on topics in premodern Chinese or Japanese culture (history, literature, thought). Both tracks welcome students who are beginners in Classical Chinese or Japanese, as well as those who already have some background foundation.

Program dates:  4 to 29 July 2022

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In the first venture of its kind, the Summer School in Contemporary Art and Curatorship offers students the chance to gain insight into the management principles of two of the world's most important and influential contemporary art exhibitions the Kassel documenta and La Biennale di Venezia by bringing together the expertise of scholars, artists and curators based in the hosting cities Kassel (Germany), and Venice (Italy).

The Summer School will offer two distinct but interconnected 2-week modules that together will investigate the history, management principles and strategies of the two art institutions documenta and La Biennale di Venezia. Students have the chance to fully immerse themselves in contemporary art and curatorship for 4 weeks, through lectures and visits to exhibition spaces in Kassel, Berlin and Venice.

Students can choose to enrol in both modules, or in each module separately, and will be provided with a certificate at the end of each in order to request credit recognition at their home university.

Dates and Schedule 2022
Module 1: "Inside Arts" (Kassel)
International Summer University Kassel (Uni Kassel, Germany), 21 June - 3 July  2022
(Optional Berlin Trip: July 18-20)

Module 2: "Contemporary Art and Curatorship"  (Venice)
Ca' Foscari School for International Education (Ca' Foscari University Venice, Italy), 4 July - 15 July 2022

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Study in Venice Summer School: The shape of water is the first example of an inter-university summer school in Venice.

Conceived within Study in Venice, a project that brings together the four main higher education institutions in Venice - the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory, Ca' Foscari University and Iuav University of Venice - the summer school aims to welcome diverse students from all over the world who wish to experience Venice together in order to draw inspiration from it and build an original narrative vision of the lagoon city.

Students will be guided by professors from the four partner institutions on a journey combining the hands-on exploration of the city with guided tours and university lectures on archaeology, architecture, art and music history, performing arts and environmental science.

The first edition of Study in Venice Summer School will be curated by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, 1979), an artist who combines great international experience with a profound knowledge of the city. The 'Souvenise' programme designed by Andreotta Calò for the Summer School sees the city of Venice as a privileged observatory from which to try to understand the changes that are taking place on a macroscopic scale.

The focus of the investigation will be water, which is the element that most characterises the territory. The practice of walking will become an instrument for exploring the city and its immediate surroundings. During the planned collective walks, the students will be invited to collaborate actively through visual, tactile and sound practices and exercises (e.g., the sampling of the city's sounds through field recordings and soundscape, writing exercises, etc.); these practices will be useful in informing the students’ own unprecedented vision of the city.

The final part of the workshop will enable the participants to synthesise their experiences in the field and the theoretical courses into an intensive workshop that will see them create a 'souvenir' based on a project or a music text, which will represent their personal experience of the city and its ecosystem, including artistic performances.

The experience of the Summer School will be compiled in a notebook or in video/sound recordings that will document the three weeks of research on Venice.

Program dates: 4 July - 22 July 2022

For more information please visit:

CY Cergy Paris Université


This summer school is an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to the fields of heritage and creation and an excellent introduction to new research practices and innovative methodologies. Whatever be your discipline specialization, practice-led research through conferences and workshops will provide you with a common background in heritage sciences. This summer school is also a good introduction to doctoral studies in France in heritage and creation. This summer school will take place at CY Campus at the Royal Stables of the Château de Versailles.

Check out the brochure HERE!

Summer School will be held from 5 July to 13 July  2022

For further information & registration write to the Summer School coordinator:



CY Tech is offering a  4-week program in English in Cergy, France or Pau, France.


This program is open to:

Undergraduate (18 years of age as a minimum criterion) and graduate Engineering students; Native and non-native English speakers (proficiency level: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent) Applicants with relevant knowledge in Engineering-oriented subjects.

Courses will be held from 20 June to 15 July 2022

For more details, please visit:


3. 6th PARIS SUMMER SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK. Applications Closed!

Organized by École Pratique de Service Social, the Paris Summer School of Social Work program is tailored for students, researchers or professionals in Social Work. We offer a comprehensive overview of Social Work in France as well as a practical experience through short field placements. Paris is a great open-air classroom. We grab every opportunity to take you out there to get a comprehensive view of Social Work in France: walking tours and field visits bring history and culture to life in the City of Light. Fun social events provide a great insight into French culture and way of life. Week-end getaways will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful historical landmarks outside the capital.

For more details, please visit:

Technische Universität Dresden

More information coming soon

University of Gothenburg 


The Summer School for Sustainability is a chance to take action on sustainability and deepen your understanding of global challenges and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join an international cohort of like-minded people for five inspirational weeks, in the beautiful city of Gothenburg. The Summer School offers a programme of courses and activities to create synergy around sustainable solutions and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

The courses are open for students from our partner universities and for those who are eligible to apply for courses through the Swedish national system

You will be able to get accepted for one 7,5 credits (ECTS) course, running over a five-week period. The courses start on 4 July and end on 5 August 2022.

For more details, please visit:

University of Ljubljana 


The University of Ljubljana invites you to explore a wide range of summer schools during the summer of 2022. The EUTOPIA partner university is offering a broad selection of over 40 summer school courses from various disciplines: from economic and business sciences, law to social work and technical sciences. The summer schools are organized for different groups of students and academics, starting from primary school students to researchers and professors.

Please go to the link below that redirects you to the University of Ljubljana webpage dedicated to Summer Schools. Choose one (or more) of their selected academic courses that suit you and spend your time this summer, the smart way.

Link to the webpage:

NOVA University Lisbon
More information coming soon
Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona


The Universitat Pompeu Fabra offers the Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) as a flagship program to advance the curriculum of both domestic and international undergraduate students during the summer term. A wide array of on-campus courses will be offered in 2022.

Courses are credit-bearing (ECTS) and can be taken in English, Spanish or Catalan, in an international classroom environment. They are structured in modules of different duration and intensities, which can be flexibly combined in periods ranging from one to four weeks.

The BISS offers advanced training by building on UPF academic strengths, and engaging leading faculty members to feature and share their current research with participating students.

Subjects have been conceived as an invitation to think and learn beyond and across disciplines while approaching social and scientific challenges from content, methodological and practical perspectives. Independent research projects along these lines can be supervised by UPF scholars in the BISS summer term.

The BISS is one of the UPF Cross-disciplinary programs.

Welcome to the 5th Edition of the BISS!

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University of Warwick
1. Warwick Summer School 2022

The University of Warwick Summer School (WSS) has been running since 2014 and we're delighted to be back for 2022!

The three-week Summer School provides a unique combination of learning and debating with renowned academics and high-profile guest speakers, living alongside your peers on our beautiful Warwick campus and enjoying a fun and engaging social and cultural programme in the heart of England.

Dates: Sunday 17 July - Saturday 6 August 2022

To learn more please visit:

2. The Summer School of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Warwick, Performance and Politics on the New Silk Roads. Deadline 31 May 2022

Launched in 2013, and hailed as the largest geo-economics initiative in history, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has largely been discussed as a consciously designed geopolitical and economic project. However, it is also an initiative, a statement of intention, a performance of China on the global stage, and a kind of ‘development theatre.’ In this one-week summer school for postgraduate students, we ask: what does it mean to ‘revive’ and perform Silk Roads for the twenty-first century, and how is this geopolitical chronotype productive for politics and theatre and performance studies?

We shall examine the performances of state actors who, typically co-produce the ways in which China is now projecting itself as a benevolent new development actor. But we shall also consider the counter performances that the BRI sparks: performances of acquiescence (from business elites and supportive local groups) as well as performances of resistance (from labour organizers, environmentalists, and anti-corruption campaigners). We shall discuss Belt and Road as a site of cultural production and cultural politics and the ways theatre and performance artists, visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers from the countries along the New Silk Road routes and corridors (Western Europe, the Balkans, Central and South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.) engage, critique and represent the underbelly of the contemporary silk roads – contemporary linkages between the circulations of peoples and desires, the global spread of the capitalist market and economic globalization, and the human and environmental catastrophes they unleash.

Focusing on selected cities along the New Silk Roads (Venice, Trieste, Belgrade, Athens . . .) we shall also examine the contested nature of BRI-driven, infrastructural, material restructuring of urban space and its effects on the contours of lives, places, and socio-natures. Through talks, workshops, and demonstrations the participants will be exposed to a variety of disciplinary approaches and ways in which they could be combined to build a new critical framework to understand the New Silk Roads performatively as a relational and intersectional critical concept and practice. The summer school will also explore the history and artistic dimensions of the silk roads and the Venetian links to them through site visits within the lagoon city.

Venue: The Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli
Date: 27 June – 1 July 2022

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