EUTOPIA Diversity and Inclusion Month. 2023

EUTOPIA celebrates November 2023 as Diversity and Inclusion Month throughout the partner universities.  Inclusion is one of the core values of EUTOPIA, and every year, the alliance dedicates a week or a month to various activities focusing on diversity and inclusion. November is the chosen month for the same. Here you can find various activities organized by all the partner universities as part of the specially designated month.


Babeș-Bolyai University

The UBB organizes various open courses and events during Diversity and Inclusion Month.


3, 10, 24, November 2023

Open course, 3 sessions of 2 hours: Gender Equality and Inclusive Workplaces
Online in Hungarian:

3 November: Introductory Concepts Related to Gender in Society
10 November : Gender Inequalities

24 November :  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

3, 10, 17 November

Open course: 3 sessions of 2 hours. Online in Romanian 

Title: Gender Equality and Inclusive Workplaces

Description: The course aims to familiarize members of the academic community of Babeș-Bolyai University with the university's efforts to ensure an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment for all categories of employees, students, and students regardless of gender: women and men, and people from the LGBTQ community. In this regard, the course covers a wide range of topics and practices on gender, including the existence of gender-based discrimination in the workplace and especially in academia, sexual harassment, an inclusive climate, and policies to reduce gender inequalities in organizations. During the course, we will present the UBB Gender Equality Guide. The course will be interactive; questions can be asked and discussions can be held, including on the best organizational solutions to ensure equal opportunities for women, men, and members of the LGBTQ community in academia.

10 November

10h30:  Official opening of the space dedicated to the visually impaired.

UBB in the community: The "Alexandru Borza" Botanical  Garden of UBB will have a space dedicated to visually impaired persons

23 November

18h00-  Stress Management Workshop for students (in-person event in Romanian)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

VUB organises various programmes during EUTOPIA D&I Month.

14 November

Webinar What can participatory artists and nurses learn from each other?

 Webinar What can artists and nurses learn from each other? | Vrije Universiteit Brussel (


16 November 

Seminar Grieving in Public Places

6th COCO Seminar — Grieving in public places Tickets, Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Theatre, guided Sint-Verhaegen walk, commemoration, and torchlight procession

14h 00: Guided Sint-Verhagen walk with former university archivist (VUB) Frank Scheelings (in French) and with Maria Mejia Sian (in Dutch). Meeting point at the Minerva Fountain on the Grote Zavel.
Information and registration

17h00:  Moment of Consolation at the Monument of Consolation – VUB Main Campus

18h00: Lecture "Traité sur la tolérance" by Les Universités Populaires du Théâtre (lecture in both French and Dutch), Dupréel Hall, Building S, Johannalaan 44, 1050 Brussels


19h30: Commemoration, torchlight procession & toast of brotherhood and solidarity offered by l’Union des Anciens Etudiants.

The procession departs from the Dupréel Hall (Johannalaan 44) and passes the statues of Théodore Verhaegen and Francisco Ferrer (Rooseveltlaan) before proceeding to Square G (Solbosch campus) and then to the statue of Salvador Allende. From there, the torchlight procession heads to the VUB campus for a tribute at the monument 'De Stap' by the Braem building at 20:45. The procession concludes at La Maison de l’UAE (ULB La Plaine campus) where, from 21:15, we raise a glass to brotherhood.


27 November 

Lecture Multilingual education: A utopia or moment in European education?

Inaugural Lecture of the Lonnoy Chair for Multilingualism - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Ca'Foscari University of Venice is organising a lecture series on diversity and inclusion.

13 November 2023

10h30:  Still Too Slow: The Advancement of Women
You can access the flyer here. 

28–29 November

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Migration: Policies, Gender, Cities, Identity, Climate
The complete program can be accessed here

29 November

14h00 - 18h00 - 
Inclusive Research Design: The Creative Power of Sex, Gender, and Intersectional Analysis for High-Quality Research and Innovation
Complete information can be accessed here.

CY Cergy Paris Université

The EUTOPIA Learning Community Inequalities in Contemporary Societies is organising a series of online lectures with 3 guest speakers from the academic and professional sectors:

23 November

Child Poverty Analysis and its Connection to Public Policy By Ariane Aumaitre (KSNET - Knowledge Sharing Network S.L)

30 November

 16h30-18h30: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Inclusion WorkStream By Marina Mendes Tavares (International Monetary Fund)

7 December

16h30-18h30 - Financial well-being and financial literacy inequalities in Romania By Miruna POCHEA (Department of Finance, Babeș-Bolyai, UBB)

--> To attend the lectures, please fill in this registration form at least one day before the chosen lecture. You will receive the link to join the online lecture room a couple of days before the lecture.

More information is here

Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden is dedicating November 6–10 to various programmes for inclusion and diversity.


6 November 2023

14h00 to 16h00: Does sustainable equal expensive? (Lecture in German)

18h00 to 20h00: "Diverse thinking: perspectives on social sustainability" (short inputs)

7 November 2023

12h00 to 14h00: "It's all about... Social Sustainability and Diversity" (event)

14h00 to 17h00: Sustainability in fashion then and now: redesigning and upcycling your clothes (workshop)

17h00 to 21h00: Tomorrow: The World is full of Solutions (cinema-free entry)

8 November 2023

10h00 to 17h00.: Dimensions of Climate Justice (German-language workshop)

13h00 to 17h00: Strategies for action and argumentation against misanthropy and climate change denial (workshop)

14h30 to 16h20: Too good for the bin (lecture and tasting)

9 November 2023

Remembrance and Enlightenment: Guided Tour on 09 November at the Münchner Platz Memorial Site

09h30 to 12h00 Sustainability Ambassador - become part of the sustainability movement (course)

10h00 to 17h00: Dimensions of Climate Justice (English-language workshop)

12h30 to 13h30: SDG Campus-  Shaping the future with new ideas (lecture)

14h50 to 16h20: Crash Course "(Social) Teaching Sustainability" (Course)

15h00 to 17h00: Poetry Workshop- Writing for all (workshop)

10 November 2023

09h00  to 15h00: Snackable Diversity: A look back at 10 Years of Diversity Days

16h00 to 20h00:  Hope in the Climate Crisis: Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility (Symposium)

Various programmes from TUD can be followed on the page dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion Events

University of Gothenburg


The University of Gothenburg has kicked off Diversity and Inclusion Month on 1 November 2023 through an "Instagram LIVE" event. 


1 November

Instagram Live: For 24 hours, we invite students and staff to share their ideas on how they will support and nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus.

15 November

International potluck: A Diversity of Flavours and Experiences (for students and staff)

16 November: 

Unpacking the word "diversity", A student-led workshop for students and staff

20 November:

Make your own passport, Artistic workshop in Gamlestaden. Open to the general public.

22 November: 

Building bridges with games, A student-led workshop for students and staff.

Migrants and the Labour Market,  Part of the OMICS 2023 Conference. Open to practitioners, policymakers, staff, students, and the general public.


24 November:

A keynote with Gabriella Elgenius, Part of the OMICS 2023 Conference

The various activities of the University of Gothenburg can be followed on their official website dedicated to the events.

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana is dedicating November 7–8 to celebrating Diversity and Inclusion with various programmes. 

7 November (Dedicated for Students): A Safe UL Day

The Safe and Diverse UL Day consists of a workshop and three roundtables on the following themes:

09h00: A Safe UL on preventing and addressing violence, harassment, and sexual assault with moderator Jasna Podreka, PhD, and guests: Tonja Jerele   Luka Stegne Sabina Mikuletič Zalaznik

More information can be found here

Staff, students, alumni and external guests will share their personal, academic and career experiences in the field of inclusion, violence prevention, diversity and open the floor for discussion.

You can register for individual panel discussions by attending in person or online.

15h00: Balancing study, work, and private life with moderator Vesna Leskošek, PhD, and guests:

Tamara Boh Anja Klančnik Eva Boštjančič Nataša Barbara Gracner 13h00: Inclusive UL on the situation of LGBTIQ+ people at UL with moderator Roman Kuhar, PhD, and guests: Matjaž Konvalinka Anže Jurček Metka Mencin Čeplak Tim Prezelj 11h00: Accessible UL on inclusion and access to education for people with disabilities and special status with moderator Renata Dacinger and guests: Nina Fricelj Živa Jakšič Ivačič Andrej Košir Petra Videmšek More details can be accessed here. 

8 November (Dedicated to Employees, Academics, Researchers and Administration) 

The UL Safe and Diverse Day comprises four roundtable discussions on the following themes:

09h00: Safe UL on preventing and addressing violence, harassment and sexual assault with moderator Jasna Podreka, PhD, and guests: Katarina Babnik Urša Opara Katja Filipčič Mia Skrbinac

Students, alumni, employees and external guests will share their personal, academic and career experiences concerning inclusion, violence prevention and diversity, and open the floor for discussion.

You can register for individual roundtables and attend either in person or online. The self-advocacy workshop will be in person only.

15h00: Balancing study, work and private life with moderator Vesna Leskošek, PhD, and guests:

David Ogorevc Živa Jakšič Ivačič Barbara Cankar Lara Jana Gabrijel
11h00: An Accessible UL (workshop) on self-advocacy, a skill for effective studies with Nina Fricelj and Ana Rejec at 1 pm: An Inclusive UL on the situation of LGBTIQ+ people at UL with moderator Roman Kuhar, PhD, and guests: Katja Sešek Eva Margon Nina Perger Metod Zupan

NOVA University Lisbon

NOVA University Lisbon and the various schools are organising multiple events this month. 

1-30 November 2023



 20 November



27 November


16h00-17h00: GIRLS FOR GIRLS (ONLINE) 

28 November


Go to NOVA Diversity and Inclusion for more details. 

29 November

10h00 - 13h00: Initiative in the Area of Diversity ( in person)

Coming Soon: 

Talk on Racism and Xenophobia (in person)



Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona

The UPF Barcelona has dedicated a video for EUTOPIA Diversity and Inclusion Week. Watch below. 


The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is organising workshops and broadcasting various podcasts and video resources during Diversity and Inclusion Month.  


09 November

Managing the Signs and Impact of Burnout

This half-day interactive workshop is dedicated to how we manage burnout in ourselves and others and is especially tailored for those with management responsibilities. This workshop is delivered by Kelly Swingler, a Burnout Strategist and Coach who developed the world's first ‘Mental Wellbeing for HR’ programme. She works with some of the world's leading organisations and speaks to audiences around the world on Burnout Prevention and Recovery.


Topics to be explored during the session will include:

  • ·         What Burnout is, what causes it, and how we can recognise the signs
  • ·         The Neuroscience behind what causes us to Burnout in the first place and how our brain can get things wrong
  • ·         Three ways to recognise, prevent and overcome Burnout from both a self-management and people-management point of view
  • ·         Time to change the programme - why your software needs an upgrade
  • ·         Your stress bucket and what you need to do to empty it
  • ·         A Q&A session to answer questions posed in advance
  • ·         Kelly sharing her story about her experience of Burnout, not once, but twice, and why she is now on a mission to Banish Burnout from the world of work


Video resources