from February 2, 2023 to February 28, 2023
Published on February 2, 2023 Updated on February 21, 2023



2 February 2023

The first joint certifications under the EUTOPIA academic brand have recently started for UBB in the field of economics (ECOTOPIA). In contrast, the first UBB European PhD in the EUTOPIA formula took place in the field of political sciences under the coordination of Prof. Sergiu Mișcoiu.

"UBB has double/multiple degrees for its students with many leading international universities for many years. But I am also happy to see the development of joint certifications within the European EUTOPIA alliance, where we have recently started working together with EUTOPIA partners - European reference universities - to build a European EUTOPIA meta-university. These are the first firm steps in this direction, for the benefit of UBB students and EUTOPIA students in general", says UBB Rector Prof. Daniel David.

Since 2022, UBB has been part of the European university alliance EUTOPIA, together with nine other top international universities, constituting one of the European Union's prestigious academic communities in terms of performance and size.

Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB) is the university with the oldest academic tradition in Romania (started 441 years ago - 1581), representing the most significant academic community in the country (with about 55,000 people from 15 localities and 11 counties). Since its foundation, UBB has been part of the gallery of prestigious and reference universities in Romania for seven years, in the first position in the country in the Metarankingul Universitar, which summarizes the major international rankings of universities. In addition, for several years, UBB has been in the top positions in the country in the global international rankings and by fields, being consistently among the top 5% of the world's universities (out of approximately 30,000), with an advanced academic infrastructure (e.g. CDI units integrated into European networks, modernized teaching laboratories integrated with virtual/augmented/mixed reality through the UBB-EON-XR Centre, etc.). Recently (2021), following the international QS STAR audit, UBB was confirmed as the first world-class university (QS*****) in Romania. Since 2020 UBB has been accepted in GUILD, the organization of some of the most prestigious European world-class/research-intensive universities, received the European HR Award for Excellence, and in 2021 became part of the European university alliance EUTOPIA.

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