from July 25, 2023 to September 30, 2023
Published on July 25, 2023 Updated on May 2, 2024

PhD Cotutelle 2023 Results Published

@Lacie Slezak/Unsplash

The results of the PhD Cotutelle Call for 2023 have been published after evaluation by and deliberation between representatives of each university. 

The EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle programme, now in its fifth year, is a flagship initiative that funds excellent research projects with global impact and provides exciting joint doctoral training opportunities. Projects are submitted by pairs of researchers belonging to EUTOPIA’s different institutions and research centres. Successful applicants co-supervise PhD candidates under a bilateral-cotutelle agreement. In addition to receiving a scholarship, PhD candidates enrolled in the programme benefit from experiencing two world-class research environments and from having access to common training and scientific exchange activities. This programme illustrates the willingness of the members of the Alliance to integrate their research communities and their commitment to scientific excellence, international research collaboration and academic mobility. 

20 projects were chosen for the 2023 call.  

Please access the results here.