from May 12, 2023 to June 30, 2023
Published on May 11, 2023 Updated on May 17, 2023

EUTOPIA Participates in Strategic Dialogue on European Universities

EUTOPIA is expanding its representation on the European Higher Education map by participating in crucial events across Europe. EUTOPIA marked its presence in the Strategic Dialogue on European Universities held at Maastricht, co-organized by Studio Europa Maastricht and Institut Français and supported by the French Embassy in the Netherlands, YUFE Alliance, and Maastricht University. The Secretary-General, Mattia Bellotti represented the alliance and participated in this important colloquium.

The dialogue focused on how European universities can align different goals, motivations and expectations while keeping an alliance’s academic vision in focus – within a participating institution, among alliance members or with regard to external political expectations. They also addressed the concern in governance: how can European alliances take into account the differences in governance, processes and university community involvement while keeping decision-making efficient and effective? The challenges of funding and increasing the alliances' efficiency were also the dialogue's main subjects. 

Another important topic of discussion was based on how European Universities define community engagement and societal impact. How can European Universities foster cooperation with stakeholders in their surrounding ecosystems to address societal challenges? How can universities foster talent retention in their regions? What are the different ways to measure the impact of these activities?

Along with experts, the participants also took part in these crucial discussions that help the  European University Initiative achieve its goal in the upcoming years.