from February 12, 2024 to February 13, 2024
Published on December 7, 2023 Updated on December 11, 2023

Virtual simulation exercise on the European Media Freedom Act

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--> Before signing up, please find more information in the following briefing note.

The simulation is only one part of the online Jean Monnet Winter School on EU Policy-Making: Analysing Digital Rights & Diplomacy in Today’s EU (5-16 February, 2024). And if you are interested, you have to possibility to attend the full winter school (and not only the simulation exercise).

VUB and EUTOPIA students are entitled to a 1.000 EUR discount and can attend the full Winter School for a reduced tuition fee of 600 EUR.

The intensive two-week Winter School is a 100% online interactive programme that provides participants a ‘crash course’ in European Union Policy Making. Its focus area is digital rights and diplomacy, touching on policy discussions related to freedom of expression, data protection, AI, disinformation resilience, platform responsibility, and digital development.
The Winter School on EU Policy Making is organised by the Brussels School of Governance at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel as part of a Jean Monnet Chair, and is made possible with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. For more information on the Winter School, please consult:

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