from August 4, 2022 to September 30, 2022
Published on July 5, 2022 Updated on May 2, 2024

ONLINE EXHIBITION Connected Learning Community Legal History: Minority Rights

Students from this Learning Community (accross all institutions) worked collectively on a case study connected to the transversal theme of minority rights, from the perspective of legal history (i.e. the role of law in the treatment of minorities, and the influence of minorities on how we think in legal categories).

They met during a peak event, where all institutions physically came together in Paris and Cergy (after intense connected online cooperation on Teams). Their work is now available on an online exhibition of the elaborated material in a visually appealing way (embedded historical and legal documents, video clips, podcasts).
Discover the students' output either on this blog, or on the virtual exhibition on Miro !


To learn more about the Connected Learning Community "Legal History", please visit their webpage.