ID card: CY Cergy Paris Université


CY Cergy Paris University is a diversity-driven, socially and internationally-oriented institution northwest of the Paris metropolitan region. CY Cergy Paris University is committed to a responsible challenge to reconcile social progress and economic efficiency, quality of life and environmental protection, preservation of resources, and creation of new energies. It's a cultural, scientific and vocational institution whose faculties include major disciplines such as law, economics and management, international studies and modern languages, humanities, science and technology, and science of education. CY Cergy Paris Université also hosts, among others, an Institute of Technology (IUT), a Teacher Training College (ESPE), and an Institute of Political Studies (IEP). 

CY Cergy Paris Université is ideally located at a 40-minute drive northwest of Paris and at 30 km from Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle International Airport. The university is accessible by train, bus and highways.

It is organised as follows:

  • An undergraduate college
    • CY Sup
  • Four Graduate schools: 
    • CY Tech
    • CY Arts & Humanities
    • CY Education
    • CY Law & Political Science
  • An associated graduate school member of CY Alliance and CY Initiative, the ESSEC Business School. CY Cergy Paris University and ESSEC’s research potential ranks 180th in the ARWU, meaning we are the 5th largest French University in economics and business.
  • CY Initiative’s transverse strategy for knowledge and technology, an ecosystem linking training to research and welcoming international students, high-level academics, and researchers, is called CY Transfer and is organised in three sectors:
    • Business, Finance & Management
    • Heritage, Luxury & Arts
    • Risk, Security & Society 

In 2024, CY Cergy Paris University means

  • 26,000 students
  • 4,091 graduated students per year
  • 600 PhD students in 5 doctoral schools,
  • 1,200 researchers within 24 laboratories, including 10 Joint Research Units (UMR)
  • all working in 220,000 square meters spread over 16 campuses.

Discover dozens of staff testimonies about their work at CY Cergy Paris University on its YouTube channel. Follow also CY's social media channels: X/Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.


Research & Innovation

CY Cergy Paris Université is dedicated to conducting research in its local area while also catering to the global market and business needs. The university aims to become one of the leading institutions for research and gain an international reputation for its work. To achieve this goal, it focuses on both the qualitative and quantitative recruitment of doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and research lecturers. It also develops strategic alliances and supports innovation. The university is committed to addressing the major societal challenges of the 21st century.

CY's ambition is to help drive societal transition and support innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world. CY Cergy Paris Université is renowned for its dynamism and commitment to developing research excellence. It has a strong focus on the international market and is rooted in its local area. The CY Initiative I-Site, a joint initiative between CY Cergy Paris Université and the ESSEC Business School, is one of the world's leading higher education and research spots. Its strong points are a better understanding of the global challenges of a changing world, primarily due to scientific and technological developments, and a radically international approach.

The university is a successful participant in the European programme of European universities with  EUTOPIA. It also expands its reach internationally through strategic alliances. 

CY Cergy Paris Université has 25 research laboratories, including ten CNRS joint research units, three research federations, and seven open labs. The university hosts nearly 1,200 researchers, including around 550 doctoral students and 500 tenured research lecturers. The university supports the transfer of technology and knowledge to society and promotes a firm policy for the dissemination and advancement of its research. To facilitate the transfer of CY knowledge and technology to companies of all sizes, the university is supported by the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT) ERGANEO, of which it is a founding member and shareholder.

CY Cergy Paris Université has several cutting-edge research programs under the following labels:

  • CY Initiative
  • Labs of Excellence (LABEX)
  • Chairs of Excellence
  • University Research Schools
  • Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine

The CY Initiative project, jointly spearheaded by CY Cergy Paris Université and ESSEC Business School, was awarded the I-SITE label by the French government in February 2017. It has a clear ambition to create a world-class academic powerhouse in the form of an internationally recognized research-intensive university in the western Paris region by 2030.  The aim of the I-SITE action of the Investissements d'Avenir programme is to select I-SITEs (Initiatives-Science - Innovation -Territories - Economy), universities that make the most of more concentrated, distinctive and internationally recognised thematic scientific assets and that use them as a lever to drive and support their development strategy and partnerships with the economic world. Since 2010, the French National Research Agency (ANR) has been the government's main operator for the higher education and research component of the "Investissements d'Avenir" programme.

The two LabEx programs are at the core of CY Initiative's scientific strategy. They are structured to validate our research excellence strategy in two of our three major research axes:

  • Business, Finance & Management
  • Heritage, Arts and Luxury

CY created the CATTS (Center for the Acceleration of the Transfer of Technologies and Knowledge) to develop and support socio-economic partnerships and the EUR (University Research School) as two structuring instruments. The LabEx programs are integrated into the development strategies of two registered EUR programs: The EUR Modeling Sciences and EUR Humanities, Creation & Heritage.

CY is responsible for LABEX PATRIMA and the EquipEx PATRIMEX. To increase the impact of these two tools at the regional, national, and international levels, CY created the Foundation for Heritage Sciences in 2011 with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, public establishments, and the CNRS.

The LABEX MEE-DII program is integrated into the governance of the EUR in Modeling Sciences EUR. CY created the Foundation for Modeling in Economics as the foundation of the EUR Modeling Sciences. It is part of the Foundation of CY Cergy Paris University, allowing to pool resources. The foundation reports to the management board of the Initiative on the use of equity. The Labex MME-DII is a laboratory of excellence selected as part of future investments. It focuses on economic modelling and involves more than 150 highly skilled researchers in economics, mathematics, and physics, with six partner institutions.

Chairs of Excellence

The Chair of Excellence system is a tool created by the CY Initiative to enhance the appeal and competitiveness of research. It aims to develop scientific potential and visibility by attracting top-level researchers to cutting-edge themes. The objective is twofold: first, to strengthen the critical scientific fields where the Initiative has significant visibility, and second, to identify skills and centres of excellence in new areas that complement the Initiative's scientific strategy and contribute to academic excellence.

In September 2018, the CY Initiative launched its first five Chairs of Excellence, highlighting the Initiative's three key areas of expertise: social sciences (particularly management, economics, and finance), modelling sciences (especially mathematics and computer science), and heritage sciences. The five funded chairs represented a commitment of €377,000 for four years.

Thanks to CY Initiative chairs of excellence, the Initiative members welcome very high-level professor-researchers in an academic environment conducive to the emergence of new ideas. They consolidate excellence in research and its virtuous effect on teaching by bringing students in contact with the most cutting-edge and recent knowledge.

CY Advanced Studies

In parallel to these structures, CY Advanced Studies is a strategic and transversal axis set up to develop scientific collaborations between researchers from CY Cergy Paris University, ESSEC, their partners and the international scientific community in the major research areas of the Initiative. It also promotes the development of innovative and high-level scientific projects.

The objective is to support the scientific development of CY Initiative and CY Cergy Paris University based on four main goals:

- Increase scientific potential
- Strengthen academic excellence
- Promote interdisciplinarity
- International deployment

To lead to the organisation of high-level international scientific events. Created in 2007, CY Advanced Studies is now fully operational. In 2018, it joined the international University-Based Institutes of Advanced Studies network.CY Initiative notably funds the Fellowship-In-Residence programme of CY Advanced Studies.


An international hub

CY Cergy Paris Université is an attractive centre of teaching and research that hosts international students interested in studying in France during a semester, an academic year, or a longer stay to obtain a degree. CY Cergy Paris Université welcomes international students by concluding agreements with international universities. More and more of CY's Masters courses are taught in English. Around 7% of undergraduate students obtained their baccalaureate or equivalent abroad today. This figure rises to 19% at Masters level and 50% at PhD level. The strategy provides for some courses to be relocated to develop international training. CY Cergy Paris Université is already doing this in China and Vietnam and plans to do so in Mauritius and Senegal. Through partnerships with international universities, CY Cergy Paris Université CY Cergy Paris Université has agreements with international universities to welcome international students. To develop international training, CY plans to relocate some courses to Mauritius and Senegal in addition to its current programs in China and Vietnam. Through partnerships with international universities, CY Cergy Paris Université provides distance learning resources for students, making distance learning resources available.

With 474 European and 209 international cooperation agreements, CY Cergy Paris Université aims to strengthen mobility, cooperation and research projects. Being a signatory to the Erasmus+ Charter, a guarantee of quality and a tangible demonstration of its commitment to developing the European and international space will enable it to increase and strengthen its visibility and strategic cooperation.

This international structure and strategic partnerships reflect several ambitions:

  • Increasing the mobility of students, staff, academics and researchers and, at the same time, welcoming more and more students and staff to an international campus which, in recent years, has been equipped with reception facilities (since 2018: international one-stop shop, welcome days, welcome nights, international residence for researchers, etc.);
  • Develop joint Erasmus Mundus-type courses and double degrees to offer its students access to degrees from other reputable institutions and participate in the internationalisation strategy for courses;
  • Encourage co-supervision at the doctoral level;
  • Increase the number of projects selected under the Erasmus+ programme to contribute to the academy's transformation, strengthen its strategic action and support the digitisation of training and the development of the skills of staff and students.