on November 7, 2022
Published on September 26, 2022 Updated on July 13, 2023

Webinar - Dispositions to train teachers for inclusive education in VUB

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Reflective and collaborative dispositions for teachers' professional development

European vision in a context of hybridization of exchanges and inclusion.

The teacher education literature contains thousands of studies on how to prepare teachers to teach for equity and diversity, growing at hundreds per year. For teacher educators involved, there are too many individual studies to identify and consider when designing their curriculum. Many researchers have thus appraised, summarized and brought together existing studies in a single place. In recent years however, teacher educators are again overwhelmed by a plethora of reviews with more than one systematic review on the topic of teacher education in diverse settings. In this talk we present the results of a systematic review of reviews, allowing the findings of separate reviews to be appraised, compared and contrasted thereby providing teacher educators with the evidence they need. The  databases of web of Science, ERIC, ResearchGate, GoogleScholar and Scopus were systematically searched to identify systematic review papers and meta-analyses on the topic of teacher education for equity, diversity and inclusion.

The webinar will be held by Pr Els Consuegra** of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, on Monday 7th November 2022, from 5 to 7 pm CET. 


Els Consuegra (°1988) is a tenure track professor at the Multidisciplinair Instituut LerarenOpleiding (MILO) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research addresses teachers’ initial and continued professional development with a focus on collaborative teacher inquiry and (gender) inclusive learning environments. Consuegra has published 19 A1 articles (for an overview see https://researchportal.vub.be/en/persons/els-consuegra/publications/). Els has attracted over €1.7 million in research (valorization) support with VUB-consortia and an additional €15 million with inter-university consortia. Els was the supervisor 4 completed PhD’s and she is currently supervising two (on professional learning networks and data coaches). Consuegra is vice-chair of MILO and she was the former elected junior coordinator of the SIG Teaching and Teacher Education (2013- 2016) of the European Research Association for Research on Learning and Development.