from October 19, 2023 to December 31, 2023
Published on October 19, 2023 Updated on October 20, 2023

TeamWork 2023: A look back at our virtual international programme involving EUTOPIA students, staff and organisations from around the world

This year’s TeamWork EUTOPIA programme saw 156 students, from the University of Ljubljana, Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Gothenburg University, CY Cergy Paris Université, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Warwick, taking part in 23 virtual projects from organisations across Europe, including Air France, Eurostar and The Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice. 

TeamWork 2023 Outcomes - EUTOPIA 

TeamWork provides students with valuable employability skills, real international work experience as well as intercultural skills.   
From the TeamWork student post programme survey, all seven universities’ students reported positive increases in terms of career readiness, confidence and aspirations, following their TeamWork experience. 
  • Average increase in student confidence – 14% 
  • Average increase in student career readiness – 13% 
  • Average increase in career aspiration – 6% 

Student testimonies: 
“I didn't have many options when I initially got to the UK. I became shy in social situations and lacked confidence when it came to networking and teamwork. I am grateful for this opportunity to widen my horizons, build confidence, make friends, and discover my true self! I really would like to recommend TeamWork to as many students as possible.”  
Becky, University of Warwick PhD TeamWork student

“Being part of TeamWork 2023 has opened so many doors for me. I initially signed up because I wanted to challenge myself and work on something I am passionate about, but as I began working on the project with my team, the value came from collaborating with new people and learning new skills. 
TeamWork 2023 also gave me the opportunity to travel to Slovenia to take part in a conference on our experiences. This conference taught me about video production and allowed me to practice public speaking. As something of a perfectionist, presenting my group's discussion points without hours of rehearsal was definitely outside of my comfort zone, and I am glad that I did it. 
 The highlight of my TeamWork experience was watching our project come together. My team was tasked with creating a business plan for a social mobility charity. Since I plan on going into the third sector after I graduate, this virtual internship was challenging and relevant. With the intercultural and analytical skills, I have gained by working on this business plan, I feel much more confident applying for roles in not-for-profit organisations. 
Now that I am applying for graduate positions, I have hard and soft skills to add to my CV and discuss in interviews, as well as professional experience that has positively impacted the lives of others. All in all, I am grateful to have been selected for the TeamWork virtual programme and I would strongly recommend it to students who seek challenges and growth. Thanks again for this opportunity.” 

Triumph Arach, Modern Languages, University of Warwick TeamWork student

“I’ve developed many skills during TeamWork. First I’ve experienced being part of a team. So I’ve improved communication skills and planning and organisation which were everyday challenges. Then I’ve developed networking and intercultural understanding by meeting new people from different backgrounds and different locations. All the skills above are important to my future career so I'm grateful for being part of TeamWork.” 

Jasmine Belfahim-Bellot, CY Cergy Paris Université TeamWork student

“I enjoyed working on my team's project with students from all over Europe. We worked collaboratively to research and analyze the post-pandemic shifts in booking behavior and their impact on Eurostar's ticket sales. We also developed recommendations for how Eurostar can capitalize on these shifts. 
Working on the TeamWork project was a challenging but rewarding experience. I learned a lot about teamwork, intercultural communication, and project management. I also developed new skills in research, data analysis, and presentation. 
In addition to the new skills I developed, I also gained a deeper understanding of the European business landscape. Working with students from different countries and cultures gave me a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today's globalized world. 
 I would highly recommend the TeamWork program to any student who is looking for an international experience and the opportunity to develop new skills and relationships. The program is challenging but rewarding, and it is a great way to prepare for a successful career in the global economy.” 

Pere Casserres, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona TeamWork student

TeamWork 2023 student event - Ljubljana 

The 4-week project phase was followed by a physical student event held at the University of Ljubljana, where 44 students from the seven partner universities came together to meet each other and share their project experiences and learnings.   
To open the event, students took part in a videography workshop, to learn video techniques and work together to create short videos which can be used to communicate to future students about the benefits of TeamWork. 

4 short student videos resulting from the workshop: 
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

In the afternoon, students were split into mixed university groups where each student team reflected on the benefits of the TeamWork experience and provided valuable feedback to the EUTOPIA staff team on developing TeamWork for 2024. 
Staff benefitted greatly from meeting up together to share TeamWork 2023 experiences and also start the planning for TeamWork 2024. 

A few words from Jelena Ličanin (from the Career Center of the University of Ljubljana), who hosted this year’s event: 

“EUTOPIA TeamWork is a great opportunity for students to obtain new skills, interact with real-life employers, and solve problems in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams. But the cherry on the TeamWork cake is an annual in-person event, where it is priceless for university mentors to meet with students, hear their suggestions for improvement, and just connect offline. This year, the University of Ljubljana was the proud host of the EUTOPIA TeamWork event in September, and we were more than happy to showcase Ljubljana as a student and staff-friendly venue.”