SIF 3rd Cohort Fellows - Asif UR REHMAN, CY Cergy Paris University

Curriculum Vitae
  • Education

2023: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Gazi University, Turkey, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Experience 

January 2023-September 2023: R&D Manager ERMAKSAN, Bursa, Turkey Materials and Process Development

March 2019-January 2023: Project Lead and AM R&D Engineer / Marie Curie ITN Fellow ERMAKSAN, Bursa, Turkey Materials and Process Development

December 2017-February 2019:
Research Assistant Dept. of Industrial Engineering, The University of Trento, Trento, Italy Materials and Process Development

September 2014-December 2017: Project Research Assistant / Master Student Research Center of Additive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment for Difficult-to-Form Materials, NJUST, Nanjing, China Materials and Process Development

April-August 2014: Visiting Instructor Govt. Technical Training Institute, TEVTA, Pakistan Instructor for technology students, lectures, laboratory experiments

June 2012-July 2013: Project Intern, Instrumentation Computer Control Complex (ICCC), Pakistan Modelling of the haptic devise, manufacturing, parts manufacturing, assembly

  • Publications/Research achievements
Research Project:

3D Printing of Geopolymer Concrete

The research proposal aims to address the environmental impact of the industry by utilizing 3D printing technology and eco-friendly materials. The research will be conducted through a collaboration between CY Cergy Paris University and the University of Warwick. The aim is to optimize the mix composition to make it more sustainable and ensure the solid interface between layers and complete activation of particles.

The project has three main research objectives: 1) to study the 3D printing feedstock and deposition properties, 2) to establish the relationship between the process variables, and 3) to achieve high mechanical strength. These objectives will be achieved through a combination of experimental measurements, computational modelling, and analytical and numerical modelling. The research project will be hosted by the research groups at CY Cergy Paris University and the University of Warwick. The team members have expertise in materials research, additive manufacturing processes, and numerical modelling.