Here you can find all EUTOPIA documents made public:

Work Package: Education

  • EUTOPIA WP2 Strategic Note June 2020. PDF.
  • EUTOPIA WP2 Strategic Note February 2021. PDF.
  • EUTOPIA WP2 Strategic Note: CLC life cycle and innovation potential, November 2021. PDF.

Work Package: Research

  • WP3.4.2.1 – Report sharing best practices on Open Data and Open Educational Resources (TI). PDF.

Work Package: Place-making

  • WP4.2.1.1-PR WE DISCOVER DAYS Barcelona. PDF
  • WP4.2.1.1-We Discover Days Barcelona_website information. PDF.
  • WP4.2.1.1 – Place Discovery under the weDISCOVER label_WeDiscover Days_BCN_28th-30th October 2020_EUTOPIA WEEK Presentation_final. PDF.
  • WP4.2.1.1 – Place Discovery under the weDISCOVER label_WeDiscoverDaysBarcelona_Programme__Final. PDF.
  • WP4.3 – Final Challenge Programme open to students teams. (Videos from the student groups of the Open Innovation Challenge at the time of the we.DISCOVER Week Brussels event) :
  • WP4.4.1- Co-creation space and Knowledge hubs: Setting place-based Knowledge Hubs and co-creation space. PDF.
  • WP4.4.2.2 – WeEUTOPIANs challenge competition_EUTOPIA Hackathon. PDF.

Work Package: Inclusion

  • WP5.1.1 – An operational common framework for identifying disadvantaged student communities applicable in diverse European Universities. PDF
  • WP5.2.2 – Eight workshops with approximately 40 participants in each where two experts from each EUTOPIA university and two experts from the Western Balkan universities will make contributions at each. Workshop reports: one, September 2020two, December 2020three, April 2021.

Work Package: International

  • WP6.2.3 Student ‘Be EUTOPIAn!’ conference reports and recommendations. PDF.

Work Package: Sustainability & dissemination

  • WP7.1.2.1 Long term and sustainable business model: A report on good practice in and strategies for fundraising, communications, and dissemination. PDF.
  • WP7.1.2.4 Long term and sustainable business model: Annual progress report on a number of external funding applications and awards. PDF.
  • WP7.1.3.1 Implementation of Smart Specialization Strategies: A report outlining areas of investment in research and innovation in the six EUTOPIA partner universities. Excel sheet.
  • WP7.1.3.1 Implementation of Smart Specialization Strategies: Mapping of technological transfer good practices. PDF.
  • WP7.2.3.6 Dissemination of EUTOPIA strategy, activities, and results: Seminars. PDF.