Doctoral Mobility Programme 2021 (CLOSED)

The objective of the Doctoral Mobility Programme is to support research visits of EUTOPIA PhD students across EUTOPIA partner universities hence support research collaboration within EUTOPIA Alliance.

The programme is developed as part of the EUTOPIA 2050 Erasmus+ project, enabling each EUTOPIA university to finance a minimum of 3 Doctoral mobility projects, for a total of 18 research visits during the project.

The programme is open to all academic disciplines and topics. Projects addressing key societal challenges of our time, and related to EUTOPIA’s overarching theme “Planetary well-being” are especially encouraged.

It is open to PhD students from all EUTOPIA partner universities, who respect the criteria detailed in the call description.

Results of the calls:

The Eutopia Doctoral Mobility Programme, developed as part of the EUTOPIA 2050 Erasmus+, gives the opportunity to PhD students from Eutopia universities to carry out research visits at another Eutopia university. All scientific areas benefit from this programme. Each application is endorsed by the PhD student supervisor at the home institution and a researcher at the host institution.
Sixteen applicants from our last call were awarded funding for mobility to date: 2 projects in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology; 2 in Medicine and Health Sciences; 1 in Arts, Performing arts, Film; 8 in Social Sciences and Humanities; and 3 in Natural Sciences. The results are (7/16) gender balanced, 44 % of awarded candidates are women. Awarded candidates come from all Eutopia universities. Four doctoral mobility programmes have already taken place, four are in progress and eight more are planned for spring 2022, pandemic permitting.

Inquiries may be made to local program referents:

Vrije Universiteit Brussel: Hannelore De Grande, Head of the Research Training and Development Office ,

CY Cergy Paris University: Perrine Elshawish, Head of the office for doctoral studies, CY Cergy Paris University,

University of Gothenburg: Lisa Broadwell, University of Gothenburg International centre,

University of Ljubljana: Jelena Tomazin, Office for doctoral study/Doctoral school, University of Ljubljana,

Pompeu Fabra University: Marta Aragay, Head, Office for Graduate and Doctoral Studies,

University of Warwick: Rhiannon Martyn, Head of Doctoral College,