NIMSB at the Forefront of Innovation

One of the most ambitious medical research projects ever conceived in Portugal, heralding a new era in healthcare, has been given the NOVA seal of approval. 

Called NIMSB, an acronym for NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology, it is a new centre of excellence dedicated to the application of new biomedical and digital technologies and innovative solutions in healthcare.

Supported by the European Union (Teaming for Excellence - Horizon Europe), the Portuguese Government, and the Municipality of Oeiras, NIMSB is the result of a partnership between NOVA and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany).

With secured funding of €32.75 million, NIMSB is poised to become an international centre of excellence, a leader in the development, integration, and application of cutting-edge systems biology approaches.

"With this project, it will be possible to make much better use of the resources we have," emphasised its director, António Jacinto, at the official launch event.

All in the name of medical research and innovation, so that it can contribute to the development of early diagnoses and advanced therapeutic solutions, offering patients true precision medicine.

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