EUTOPIA TeamWork 2022 - Projects list

This is the project list for the 2022 edition of the TeamWork programme.

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EUTOPIA Partner Projects


The team of students worked together on a project for D2X, to explore and propose new potential revenue streams, with projections and an action plan on how to develop them.


A team of 8 Eutopia university students worked on a project to innovate and create value for Eurostar customers and shareholders. This involved working with the Senior Pricing Manager to explore price sensitivity within specific customer segments.


Thousands of reports are produced that are related to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many of the important findings from these reports could reach a wider audience if they are presented in an approachable way.   In this project, the student team selected a report and used their creativity to make it more accessible and interesting for the public.


Students were asked to research the natural smoke extraction market in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.  The brief also asked them to establish whether each country’s own regulations conform to CE rules, and how they would compare with EN12101-2.  Also to recommend whether it would be possible to sell a certified EN 12101-2 product in those countries.

Sync VR

The goal of this project was to have everyone in the UK inspired about Virtual and Augmented Reality (XR) in the healthcare context.  The students were provided with a VR headset and asked to explore any (social) media channel to engage UK citizens regarding XR in healthcare.  

VUB Gui Athia & Partners (Business)

Diversity and inclusion in the European businesses’ Boards of Directors.

Students were focussed on exploring diversity and inclusion within the Boards of Directors of the hundred largest European companies.  This was carried out by identifying, comparing, and analysing the representation of gender, skin colour, nationalities, and academic background, mainly through online research. Then to propose a diversified and inclusive vision of the future of the European Businesses’ Board of Directors.

VUB Gui Athia & Partners (Forum)

2022 Stakeholder Capitalism Forum

2022 Stakeholder Capitalism Forum - exploring how companies are prioritizing stakeholders in light of recent world events such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Students were working to support the forum in two ways;

  • Helping to select the best candidates to lead the panel events;
  • Communications – defining key messages for each panel and creating a social media plan including a podcast.