EUTOPIA TeamWork 2022 - Projects list

D2X Group N.V.

Digital Asset Derivatives Exchange - Developing New Revenue Streams

As a regulated derivatives exchange, D2X will mainly generate revenue from trading fees in its early days. However, it is extremely important that we start thinking about additional revenue streams that are ideally uncorrelated with existing revenue streams. Looking at larger exchanges in the space or at traditional exchanges in other asset classes can be a good starting point (hint : market data). As a regulated entity in the EU, we can only market our services in Europe for the time being and we are of course bound by regulation. Since we list cash-settled derivatives denominated in EUR, we actually never touch digital assets directly (and do not want to for regulatory reasons), this is an important point here as well. The goal of the project is to propose new revenue streams worth exploring with projections and an action plan on how to develop them. You can pick any format you find suitable for this project.


Project 1: Analysis of price sensitivity by customer segment
Project 2: Analysis on the potential of ancillary products

Eurostar over the past 25 years have revolutionised travel across the English Channel, however, as most companies in the travel industry, has been hit hard by Covid-19. As the company emerge from the pandemic, we aim to constantly innovate and create value for both our customers and our shareholders.
With that in mind, we have recently embarked on a journey to better understand who our customer base is by running a segmentation exercise based on historical information. This exercise has enabled us to enrich the transactional data we hold (e.g., no. of tickets, at what price level, for which travel period etc.) with data about what type of customers are traveling (e.g., Leisure, Business, VFR – visiting Friends and Relatives). Based on this additional insight layer, we would like now to move several steps ahead by designing a more tailored and diversified product offer based on the needs of specific customer segments. In order to do so, we would like to understand how sensitive each customer segment is in regard to price and what is their probability of converting at different price levels.
Throughout the 4 weeks of the project the students will be in direct contact with the Senior Pricing Manager to get all the necessary details, data but also context. Having been working for the company for over 10 years in various roles, he will be able to provide lots of background knowledge and links to all relevant departments that would ensure a successful delivery of the project.
We would like students to use the data that we currently hold and that we aim to give them access to to build model(s) that answer the above questions along with a presentation to the Commercial Director, the Heads of Pricing, Business Performance and Digital and other key stakeholders in the company.
The proposed timeline is as follows but it can be amended based on the exact team needs.
1st week: familiarisation with the company - data collection
2nd week: data analysis
3rd week: findings
4th week: presentation

PPS Tea Pvt Ltd

PPS Tea launch 

The project aims to analyse the data collected for the Indian tea market to find lapses and short fall in supply in certain markets in India. The aim of the project is to launch a B2C/D2C brand. The outcomes expected to achieve is to sort the data and come up with a competitive strategy to launch the product and in which market. India is one of the biggest consumers as well as exporters of Tea with opportunities to expand in different markets. The solution should present an analysis of which Indian state to enter with and strategies for launch of the product.

Syn Tech

Marketing XR in Healthcare: campaigning for the future

This project has one clear goal: have everyone in the UK inspired about Virtual and Augmented Reality (XR) in the healthcare context, using the progress made in projects with the >125 hospitals we already work with throughout Europe (only 9 of which in UK). You will get a VR headset and a bit of background story, and the rest is up to your creativity. Any (social) media channel that you’d like to use, stories you’d like to write and spread out, photos/videos you want to produce… Whatever is needed to come to the highest possible engagement of UK citizens regarding XR in healthcare.
Do you have an idea to hit the front page, create a campaign that will generate thousands of followers, or similar exciting goals?

Coulon Thaveau

Today in order to increase both quality and business performance, Coulon-Thaveau is looking for solutions that can be applied on a construction site. For example, from a part identifier, identifying on a digital map of the building, the place where to assembly it would be useful.
The company Coulon-Thaveau already has digital models of all its projects. 


The natural smoke extraction market is submitted to EN 12101-2 norm, but in some countries, the applicable norm is the national norm (for example the norm in France is CE certified). 
Our products are conform to CE rules, but the aim of the study is to find which norm is applicable in other countries and what would be the difference with EN12101-2 norm, and if a certified EN 12101-2 product could be sold in identified countries. 
Countries concerned : Germany / Italy / Belgium / Switzerland / Luxembourg  

EUTOPIA Partner Projects

VUB Gui Athia & Partners (Business)

Diversity and inclusion in the European businesses’ Boards of Directors.

Identify, compare, and analyse the representation of gender, skin colour, nationalities, and academic background among the Boards of Directors of the hundred largest European companies, mainly through online research. Propose a diversified and inclusive vision of the future of the European Businesses’ Board of Directors.
Innovation and Enterprise: Vision of the future of the European Businesses’ Board of Directors.
3-31 August 2022
Students will work in stages, one per week. Every week there will be a or two meetings with me.
In the first week, collaboration rules will be defined, including communication, who does what, how to file documents and work online, and how to resolve problems. They will also debate the best-ranking creation of large companies, by market value or by revenue. Then they will split into groups to research the Boards of the top 100 companies.
In the second week, they will compare the results defining the most appropriate criteria, such as by segment, country of origin, company age, and recent events, in addition to other possible measures. Students will also make a first presentation of the results.
In the third week, the students will present the results to me. Together, we will analyse the findings and the best models for comparison, whether by geographic comparison (example, with the United States) or by companies associated with environmental and social movements, participation in business communities, and other models.
They will present the comparative analysis results in the fourth week and initiate a vision for 2030. They will explain their vision with published and available academic texts and empirical research. On the last day, they will present their vision to me for discussion for possible changes and the conclusion of the process.

VUB Gui Athia & Partners (Forum)

2022 Stakeholder Capitalism Forum

Discuss how companies are prioritizing stakeholders, with lessons from the Pandemics and recent situations from the war on Ukraine.
Environmental & Sustainability
4-29 July 2022
Organisation of the 2022 Stakeholder Capitalism Forum
Students will work in groups, or “squads” based on two strategic objectives for the Forum’s success: (1) research and suggest curators for many of the panels, and (2) support communication on Eutopia platforms and social networks.
The “Curator’s Group” responsibilities are to research and identify the best candidates to lead important selected panels. The students will be appropriately briefed about the panels’ objectives, curators’ profiles, and timeline. The students will know the names of the Forum’s 2021 edition profiles for a benchmark. The curator has the following missions: (1) define the three questions their panel will respond to, (2) select three other panellists—they will be one of them, and (3) play the role of the moderator of their panel. In summary, selecting panellists’ candidates is vital to the success of the Forum. If the time allows, they will also be supporting the curators in detailing the panel objectives and dynamics.
The “Communications Group” will define critical messages for the 2022 Forum and for each panel, planning social media campaigns (including creating channels), and posting in public platforms as well as the Eutopia’s social media, and creating a “Eutopia on the Forum “ podcast.
The Forum: students participating in the TeamWork can join (not mandatory)
The Forum will be held largely in Europe, but also the United States, and Brazil (China and Japan still to be confirmed). It will occur in September or October 2022, with the date being confirmed in March. The official language will be English, and consecutive translations in other languages may be contracted if necessary or requested. It’s going to be three days of events. There will be 15 panels of 60 minutes each. Each panel should be held in person in a school and partner entities. All panels will be fully streamed online.
For information: here is the link to the 2021 Stakeholder Capitalism Forum website: