Eutopia updates (29.10.2019)

Consortium-related news

  • In the first week of November, the lead and co-lead of WP4 Place Making will meet at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona. Afterwards the partners will be contacted about the next steps to be taken. 
  • In January, the members of WP5 Inclusion will meet in conjunction with the wide EUTOPIA meeting. 
  • After the WP6 lead and co-lead meeting in Barcelona last week, a full WP6 International meeting will be planned in the coming months. Mike Haymes has sent out a Doodle to find a suitable date. 

Past meetings

  • On 16-17 October the first EUTOPIA HR meeting took place in Brussels. Representatives of all EUTOPIA partners discussed the administrative impact of EUTOPIA 2050 and current issues in human resources. They agreed upon on which first steps to take in the upcoming months in order to promote EUTOPIA to all staff and create a truly inclusive European University. 
  • On October 24, representants from WP2 Education from the university of Warwick and the VUB have come to the Universit√© Paris Seine to discuss WP2 and its collaborative platform with UCP and EISTI representatives. Different platform options were presented to the representatives. 


Invitation to a Conference: Bringing software to market. Are you developing software and would like to protect it and monetize it? Want to put your knowledge into practice? Bringing software to market is an educational and networking event for students, researchers, investors and companies. It is going to be a perfect mixer of innovative ideas, competence, experience and expertise in the field of computer sciences. The conference, co-organised by the Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Computer and Information Science, will take place at Poligon Creative Center in Ljubljana, November 6 and 7, 2019. Conference topics are the Legal protection of software, Open source challenges and dual-licensing, Software valuation and licensing, Business models and channels to market, and the meaning of open innovation for companies and how to scout promising technologies outside the company. More information about the conference can be found HERE (in Slovene), about the program HERE (in Slovene), and about the registration HERE (in Slovene).