ECOTOPIA Summer School

The ECOTOPIA Summer School - CIRCULAR ECONOMY focuses on presenting an alternative approach to building a successful yet sustainable economy via the circular or regenerative approach.

Based on projects, we can offer covering themes such as:

  • extended knowledge of the challenges of sustainable development by dimension (environmental, social, economic),
  • the role of consumers as agents of change,
  • the role of companies in the implementation of alternative business models (e.g. circular approach),
  • the role of innovation (green innovation),
  • the accompanying changes in the labour market and the importance of green jobs,
  • the role of the state with public finances and programs to support sustainable development,
  • regulatory change and others.

The program will offer a pragmatic approach and overview of how circular economy solutions are implemented on the ground, including case studies, study visits, and participatory workshops to enable constructive and didactic discussion with the participants.

The educational process is designed to be interactive; students will be asked to cooperate in discussions, participate in field (company) visits and study the presented example. They will be asked to research the business model of the visited companies and relate those to problems of sustainable development/circular economy to crucially evaluate the potential of a model to contribute to circular change. Students will be asked to submit reports, present, and primarily discuss their observations as part of their learning process.

How to get involved?

Lead: Prof. Tjaša Redek ( 
Local Facilitator: Zarja Muršič ( 

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Lead: Tjaša Redek (UL); Email:
She studied at LSE (UK) and at University of Ljubljana (SI). She teaches development economics, competitiveness policy, applied macroeconomics and microeconomics. Lately, her research focuses on various development topics and labour market issues. In the labour market research, she is dealing with unemployment, skills and employability analysis. She has also dealt a lot with the perspectives of firm development in the global competition, primarily in relation to the intangible capital investment and the differences in the investment patterns between firms in order to identify the causes of comparative success. Her interest spread also to the use of text mining techniques in different fields. She published a number of publications, book chapters and co-authored several books. She has been involved in several national and international projects. She has also worked as a national expert for the development and labour-related issues for various international institutions, including OECD, as all as participated as project evaluator for the EU H2020.
Partner: Enrica Croda (UNIVE); Email:

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Partner: Valentina Fava (UNIVE); Email:

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Partner: Ramon Xifré (UPF); Email:

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Partner: Mathieu Martin (CYU); Email:

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