International Partnership Case Studies

The EUTOPIA Alliance comprises nine European partners, one Associated Partner in the UK, and four Global Partners based in Morocco, South Africa, South Korea, and Australia.

We asked all 14 universities to share their experiences of international partnerships. Below, you will find an overview summary of key insights and lessons, followed by four collections of case studies presenting bilateral and multilateral relationships, partnership frameworks, and approaches to responsible internationalisation.

Barriers and Enablers of International Partnerships
An overview of key insights and lessons regarding the factors that contribute to, or hinder, the success of international partnerships.

Partnership Frameworks
How EUTOPIA universities use codified frameworks to support the creation, development, and evaluation of new initiatives.

Bilateral Partnerships
Case studies of EUTOPIA universities' bilateral relations with international partners.

Multilateral Partnerships and Networks
Case studies of EUTOPIA universities' involvement in multilateral consortia and cross-institutional networks.

Responsible Internationalisation
The EUTOPIA universities reflect on the values and principles that drive universities' international activity.