on August 11, 2022
Published on October 10, 2022 Updated on November 22, 2023

EUTOPIA Citizen Science Starter Kit

Are you a researcher who is (relatively) new to citizen science, and curious to learn more?

Or are you about to start a citizen science project and looking for practical guidance?

No worries: EUTOPIA's Citizen Science Starter Kit has got you covered!

With this new version, we have updated and improved the first 3 modules, which together can be considered a how-to guide for beginners and a foundation course. The Starter Kit offers background information on citizen science, helps you determine whether citizen science is the right approach for your research question, and introduces crucial design factors for a successful citizen science project. Each module contains case studies, tips for further reading, and links to online materials or courses.

The 4th Module is completely new, a hands-on tool designed for everyone involved in citizen science (not just beginners), inviting them to get to work! More specifically, we guide you through each phase of a citizen science project, from the initial idea to sustaining the project, its results, and its impact. Put your ideas into practice with our templates and checklists, and improve them even further by consulting our extensive resources.

Still need help? Questions? Find us at citizenscience@vub.be!

Download the Citizen Science Starter Kit