on January 21, 2022
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Published on January 20, 2022 Updated on January 20, 2022

A CY round-table in an European framework

Tennessee Williams, the author of "The Glass Menagerie", which serves as basis to the round table

A Round table organised by Claire Carles-Huguet with the European Universities Community  and EUTOPIA, about the promotion of linguistic and cultural diversity in society,

Don't miss tomorrow, Friday 21 January 2022, at CY Cergy Paris Université (boardroom) the round table (in French) "Dramatic art in Europe: finding one's voice and path in translation", organised by Claire Carles-Huguet taking advantage of the Conference for the Future of Europe.

The round table will bring together Isabelle Famchon, the translator in French of Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie and director Éric Cénat. Will also be present the actors Jean-Paul Muel and Axel Ducret, Claire Hélie, lecturer at the University of Lille and specialist in contemporary British theatre and translation, Matthieu Vignes, who is writing a thesis on collaborative translation in the theatre and Elsa Caron, co-director of La Maison des Langues at CY Cergy Paris University, a specialist on language learning and translation.

The round table will concern the translator's work in the theatre (solo work or collaborative translation?), the permitted liberties in translation (cultural and historical references, accents, etc.) and the relation between language learning and theatre practice. Preceded by a translation workshop led by Isabelle Famchon and François Ropert, the round table will mainly involve the students in Creative Writing.

This initiative is undertaken within the EUTOPIA alliance actions and within the framework of European institutions such as the European Universities Community. Professor Claire Carles-Huguet of CY Cergy Paris University, who conceptualised it, is also fully engaged in one of the most dynamic Connected Learning Communities of EUTOPIA: Multilingualism and Diversity, together with specialists from the ten-member universities of the alliance. A specialist of American literature, she is currently writing a doctoral thesis on Tennessee Williams.