from April 12, 2023 to September 13, 2023
Published on April 12, 2023 Updated on April 12, 2023

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023

MSCA Fellowships
MSCA Fellowships

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships: What is it?

Launch of the call for proposals: April 12, 2023
Next deadline: September 13, 2023

The goal of MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of researchers holding a PhD and who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral mobility. MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships will be open to excellent researchers of any nationality. The scheme also encourages researchers to work on research and innovation projects in the non-academic sector and is open to researchers wishing to reintegrate in Europe, to those who are displaced by conflict, as well as to researchers with high potential who are seeking to restart their careers in research.

Through the implementation of an original and personalized research project, MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships aim to foster excellence through training and mobility and to equip researchers with new skills and competences in order to identify solutions to current and future challenges. Postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to reach out to society at large to make the results of their research visible to citizens.

Expected Impacts:
  • Enhance the creative and innovative potential of researchers holding a PhD and wishing to diversify their individual competences and skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility while implementing excellent research projects across all sectors of research
  • Strengthen Europe's human capital base in R&I with better trained, innovative and entrepreneurial researchers
  • Enhance the quality of R&I contributing to Europe's competitiveness and growth
  • Contribute to Europe's attractiveness as a leading destination for R&I and for good working conditions of researchers
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and brain circulation across the ERA
  • Foster the culture of open science, innovation and entrepreneurship
Modalities of MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships:
Two- or three-years Postdoctoral Fellowships will be provided to excellent researchers, undertaking international mobility either to or between EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries, as well as to non-associated Third Countries. Applications will be made jointly by the researcher together with a supervisor in the academic or non-academic sector.

Postdoctoral Fellowships either can take place in Europe (i.e. in an EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country) or in a Third Country not associated to Horizon Europe.
  1. European Postdoctoral Fellowships are open to researchers of any nationality who wish to engage in R&I projects by either coming to Europe from any country in the world or moving within Europe. Duration between 12 and 24 months
  2. Global Postdoctoral Fellowships are open to European nationals or long-term residents who wish to engage in R&I projects with organizations outside EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries. These fellowships require an outgoing phase of maximum 24 months in a non-associated Third Country, and a mandatory 12-month return phase to a host organization based in an EU Member State or a Horizon Europe Associated Country. Duration between 24 and 36 months

If requested and justified in the proposal, an additional period of up to six months can be awarded to researchers who will spend that period in a non-academic organisation established in an EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country.

Eligibility Criteria - Who can apply?
MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships are for excellent researchers with a PhD degree and less than 8 years of research experience. You should not have carried out your main activity in the country of the hosting university for more than 12 months in the 3 years before the call deadline 13 September 2023.